Writing Resources

Nobody makes the journey from dreamer to writer without help along the way. When I’m down or lost or need a swift kick in the pants, I turn to these places and they help me carry on.


Christina Katz – author of Writer Mama which is the book you need if you are a mama on the path to a freelance writing career

Smart Passive Income – great podcasts; I found him when Meagan Francis was his guest and loved his podcast on affiliate marketing

Media Bistro – this is where I take the classes and learn the things

Writers Market – I dragged my feet on signing up but have not regretted it for a minute

SITS Girls – their articles on blogging and social media never fail to teach me something I didn’t know

BlogHer – yeah, you know this one already but it belongs on any list, yes?


The Kitchen Hour – speaking of Megan Francis, her Kitchen Hour podcast is wonderful and every time her closing music rolls, I have a handful of new post ideas

Literary Mama – the writing here is gorgeous and often reminds me why I write at all


This list is updated regularly. If you have a resources you feel should be added, email me at tricia {@} raising-humans.com


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