Growing Together

Raising Humans has always been about growing. This is where I focus those moments – the good and bad, the beautiful and sometimes ugly – moments when I realize that as my little ones grow, I am growing right there with them.

Those moments happen every day for me. I don’t always notice them right away, but they happen all the time and this is where I come to reflect on them.

Through this journey, I’ve learned that I am not alone in these moments. You have them too. You reflect and write and grow everyday too.

And I am honored to feature your stories here. Growing is not always easy. And it’s not always fun. But it is always amazing and beautiful in it’s own way. And by sharing our experiences, we’re supporting one another and celebrating one another.

If you have a story about how you’ve grown through raising your own humans, I’d love to feature you! Please contact me at tricia[@]


Bringing Up Baby

I have lists. Lists of bloggers whose words I visit for specific purposes — when I need a tip, when I need to cry, when I need to laugh.

And when I need to take a deep breath of calm, I visit, Michelle, the amazing writer at this little light and today’s featured blogger. If you have not read Michelle’s words, please read on and then visit her at her place, where she embraces the joy in the every day. more »


Growing Together: Preppy Girl in Pink

Most of my favorite bloggers are my favorites for one reason, because their writing makes me smile. And nobody’s words make me smile so simply and contentedly as Kristen’s from The Preppy Girl in Pink. She writes about life with her two girls in a way that makes me nod all the way through every post thinking, “Yep, that’s exactly how it is and exactly how it should be.” If you don’t yet know Kristen, please read on and then rush over to her place where she captures motherhood so beautifully. more »


Growing Together: Redefining Me

The first time I visited Maggie at Pink Shoes, I was in awe. She writes with such a down-to-earth honesty that I couldn’t stop reading. She takes photos that are absolutely gorgeous. Between the two, you can’t help but fall more »

Growing Together: Tara at Pohlkotte Press

The words below take my breath away. Every time I read them (and, trust me, I’ve read them several times). But this comes as no surprise, as everything that Tara from Pohlkotte Press writes is absolutely breathtaking. She chooses the more »

Growing Together: Secrets of a Momaholic

When I first came across Secrets of a Momaholic, I thought it was a fantastic name for a blog. And then I kept reading and I became addicted too. To the way Tara, the genius behind the secrets, writes about more »

Growing Together: Little White Whale

Many of my favorite blogs create beautiful images with stories or beautiful stories with images. And Sarah’s space, Little White Whale, combines those two in a heavenly, perfect match. Her words, just like her photos, are clear and beautiful. Inspiring more »

Growing Together: Growth from Hands Free Mama

The first time I read Rachel’s words at Hands Free Mama, I was hooked. And I’ve been back, every week, to read her words and internalize her lessons. Rachel began a journey in her life, and well documented on her more »

Growing Together: And it is Love

I am thrilled today to introduce you to Christine from And It Is Love. I’ve been following her and her words about her life with her two girls, complete with all of the joy and struggle that comes with motherhood. more »

Growing Together: Mothering from Scratch

Today I am so pleased to share the words of two women I admire. If you don’t already know Kathy and Melinda from Mothering from Scratch then read on and be sure to visit them at their place. I promise more »

Growing Together: Coach Daddy

It’s been some time since we’ve done Growing Together here. Mostly because my little boy has been growing a ton on his own and that takes quite a bit of time and energy! But I am thrilled to bring it more »
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