July 21, 2014
by Tricia

Looking and seeing

Every day, I look at my babies with the same eyes. Tired eyes. Red and dry from the exposure to the elements. Every day. I look at them every blessed day and I study them in detail. This bump here. more »

July 16, 2014
by Tricia

Unrelated questions

“Can I ask an unrelated question?” “Sure.” She doesn’t sound sure. Her hand is on the doorknob and I’m sure she wants to make a quick exit, order that strep test she recommended for my fever-riden boy and move onto more »

June 17, 2014
by Tricia

This ending

I’ve started this story about a dozen times. This ending. And, each time, I save the words I’ve written (never throw away your words), then close them, and then open up a new blank screen to start again. And I’ve more »

June 10, 2014
by Tricia

The Leap: BlogU14

One of the things I love about writing is the quiet of it. I love sitting in a room all by myself with words and ideas and thoughts. I love that the computer doesn’t reply when I type out a more »