March 31, 2015
by Tricia

Live, Love, Support

Live In a house asleep, I read. Real pages between my fingertips. Words but no pictures. The story is deep and deeply engrossing. I don’t often read novels but lately I have found myself lost in stories of imaginary people more »

March 9, 2015
by Tricia

103 minutes

It’s been 55 minutes. 55 minutes since I handed over the children and the trajectory of the 3485th snow day this season to my husband. I handed him the baby monitor that was silent only because I had the thing more »

March 4, 2015
by Tricia

Things I have lost

Socks (see also: gloves, hats, hair bows, etc.) Keys Sanity 2 of 4 wheels that belong to the model car we bought at the beach three years ago The backs to my diamond earrings My motivation My sense of self, more »

February 17, 2015
by Tricia

This is 34

I’ve finally started waking up early again. It’s 4:45am as I write this and my office is cold buy my coffee is hot and somehow the two battle it out and the coffee wins and I’m not as numb as more »