January 27, 2014
by Tricia

It’s all up to me

When I was young, my aunt used to have a picture hanging in her kitchen. It was a photo of a rose. Beneath the photo was a paraphrase of a famous quote: “I can complain because roses have thorns. Or more »

December 16, 2013
by Tricia

It was a snow day after all

I’d had it all planned out. As soon as I’d tiptoed away from the rooms where the sleeping children lay, I’d fly down the stairs, curl up on the couch with my laptop, and revise some copy while watching Ellen. more »

November 26, 2013
by Tricia

Good enough for a Sunday morning

The sun is streaming through the windows, casting shadows of criss crossed lines on the floor which is now scattered with puzzle pieces and books and stuffed bears and a mermaid with glittering fins and long, black yarn hair. Her more »

November 21, 2013
by Tricia

Little fingers

Four tiny fingers wrap themselves around my index finger. The thumb completes the circle. And we’re off. Living room. Dining room. Kitchen. He pulls a little as we go. He sways and rocks a bit. He is steady… steadier every more »