November 3, 2012
by Tricia

Our sweet life

My dear girl, Oh what a year this has been. You started the year wearing diapers. Waking each morning to peer through the slats of your crib at yellow walls, adorned with monkeys, in the only bedroom you’ve ever known. more »

October 23, 2012
by Tricia

It is time

Dear Bun, I know you’ve been listening. For weeks you’ve been listening as I told you it was okay to come late. That I am enjoying this time of having you so close and the excitement of it being just more »

October 10, 2012
by Tricia

Ready when you are

Dear Bun, You are the main topic of conversation around here these days. Friends and family email me daily, eagerly looking for news of your arrival. Acquaintances that run into me throughout the day smile wide and excitedly, anxious to more »

September 15, 2012
by Tricia

One month to go

Dear Bun, As of two days ago, you are a month from my arms. That is, should you arrive perfectly on time. Which I don’t expect. You arrive when you are ready to greet this world and my arms and more »