November 26, 2014
by Tricia

Thank you

I haven’t been here on a Friday in weeks. Maybe it’s months by now. It’s not, of course, that I don’t have anything to be grateful for. Just the opposite is true. But I haven’t made the time. I’ve always more »

November 19, 2014
by Tricia

A Thanksgiving Roast Beef

“What should we do for Thanksgiving this year?” he asked as we drove along, each of us gazing out the window, watching the world pass by as we made our way home. We had already declined invitations and decided to more »

October 1, 2014
by Tricia

Five: A Mermaids and Pirates Party

We had a birthday here last weekend. Weekend birthdays are a little something special, aren’t they? A birthday that falls on a weekday can feel a bit like a struggle. Pushing against the normalcy and routine that most weekdays require more »

April 22, 2014
by Tricia

Pretty darn perfect

Easter is one of those days that I always feel I should expect more of. I always feel it should be more celebratory. More exciting. After all, Spring is my time. Renewal is my thing. Pastels and dyeing eggs. I more »

January 3, 2014
by Tricia
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Holiday recap

  I never did my typical holiday recap. I think it’s because by about 3:00pm on Christmas Eve I was read to call it quits. I wanted to be done. By 5:00 on Christmas Eve I nearly made a declaration more »