November 7, 2012
by Tricia

the Baby Blues

I’ve been watching like a hawk. My eyes peeled for the signs. Weepiness. Crying about small things. That awful feeling of being so overwhelmed. Guilt. Mourning a life that has disappeared. Yes. I know them by heart. I saw them more »

June 20, 2012
by Tricia

Those terrible moments

The ups and downs of parenthood are many. They can be severe. And they can be dramatic. The speed with which a happy, post-dinner outing for ice cream can devolve into an ice-cream-is-all-gone, no-holds-barred, everyone-the-block-wonders-why-we-are-torturing-this-poor-girl tantrum… well it is dizzying. more »

April 18, 2012
by Tricia


I bark. I bark at her. I do it often. More often than I really want to admit. More often than I ever thought I would. Take your hands out of your mouth! Don’t put your fingers in your nose! more »