I finally watched it (my Listen To Your Mother video)


On Friday night I shares the video below with my Facebook friends. I warned them that I hadn’t watched yet. That I was nervous. And, of course, they responded with all the love. Because my friends have great capacity for love.

Riding the wave of that love, I finally watched. Just now. And now I’m sharing it again. And I’m sniffling a bit. And shaking. I’m still nervous. But this belongs here and in all the places I can think to put it. Because I’m proud of this moment. And because this story has resonated and I’m sure it will continue to. Sharing stories makes the world a better place.

Thank you again to Listen to Your Mother and Kate and Stephanie and all of the amazing storytellers who took that stage with me back in May. You and your stories are so special to me. Love to you all.


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