Happy Birthday on TV 2!


One thing I’ve learned in my two years as a mom to siblings is that conversations about the subtle differences between ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ rarely make anyone feel good. I suspect this may change as they grow older and follow different interests, needs, and wants. But, today, cookies must be exactly the same size (or, one must be a little bigger in favor of big sister), hugs must be doled out in equal amounts and times, and what one gets, the other better see coming or there will be whining. We’re working our way up to understanding that fair and equal are two very different things. But, until then, I’m on TV again with another birthday wish.

I’m in just about as much disbelief that my little guy is turning two as I was when his big sister turned five a month ago. I expect it will always be this way. Me gazing back to that Tuesday afternoon when I met him for the first time. Remembering as if it were yesterday just how tiny he was, how peaceful a newborn, how I never knew how deeply I needed a son until he arrived. I am stunned at how much life has happened since that day. Just as with his sister, I feel like it’s only been a breath since he joined us and, simultaneously, like he’s been here all along.

Happy Birthday, buddy. Love you and your sweet smile so very much.

Baby Boy Bday from Tricia Mirch on Vimeo.


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