Lovely Little Things, 33


A few of this week’s lovely little things:

Museums and Airplanes
There was a time when the idea of taking 2 kids across the river and into the city and through a crowded museum without the support of another adult would have never even crossed my mind. And if it had, I would have laughed. I must be a well-seasoned mama (haha!) because that is how we spent our Monday morning. And we all made it back in one (albeit soggy and rather cranky) piece. And that is lovely.

The Lasts
This year is a series of lasts for my girl. The last of all of the annual traditions and routines that have become part of our world since she started at this school. This week it was her last parent’s night and last field trip. She’s having a blast and she’s only 5 so she’s probably not thinking too hard about it but I can tell she is aware. We sentimental ones don’t pass these sorts of moments without some pause. And though it makes me sad to think of these lasts, watching her grow and reflecting on how much she has grown is lovely.

Appreciating 2
Technically, he isn’t 2 until next week. So says the calendar. But for all intents and purposes (and tantrums) he is 2. Most days, I’m done with his 2-ness by the time the sun sets. Exhausted by it. But then I read this and found a new appreciation for his world. And I spent a morning amongst 5 year olds and found a very strong appreciation for his sweetness and cuddlyness and 2-ness. 2 is hard but it is so rewarding.


favorite words
“Things, when magnified, are forgeries of happiness.”
Joshua Heschel

Trying to keep that one in mind this season.

Happy weekend!


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