Lovely Little Things, 31


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On my work-day this week, I met a friend for lunch. This sounds mundane and silly to mention but, as I have just one full day a week to work, I often feel guilty for not planting myself at my desk for every hour of that day. So I’ve rarely pursued invites to lunch.

The truth, of course, is that even when I’m at my desk, I’m not making the most efficient use of every minute. I’m bouncing around on Facebook or Twitter or checking my email obsessively because I’m always waiting to hear back about something. So, in the grand scheme of things, driving a half hour each way to eat lunch with a friend is a very good use of my work-time. Especially when that drive provides the most stunning views of Fall that I’ve seen all season. Without a daily commute, it’s easy to miss that the season is, in fact, changing, and it’s doing so in the most stunning way. A quiet, solo drive against the background of reds and yellows popping out of trees is just so lovely.

Here are a few more of this week’s lovely little things.



It’s started. The babbling. I joke that he’s making the sounds you want your six-month old to make, just 18 months too late. But it doesn’t matter. He’s making sounds and we’re working on connecting them to words and that is progress like we haven’t ever seen. We’re also getting to hear his sweet little voice and oh how I’ve waited for that. It’s one of my favorite sounds in the world now, the little bu-bu-bu’s that come out of his mouth. Even at naptime when we should be aiming for silence, I let him go because it’s so delightful to listen to him (add this to the list of things that will come back around to bite me!).


I won’t rehash all of the reminiscing and gushing that I’ve already done but my girl was well celebrated this week and it was lovely.


After weeks of birthday planning and intense speech research, my work had fallen to the side. It’s the constant push and pull of this freelance life – enjoying the space it provides for me to give more to my family when they need it but wondering how I’ll ever make progress if I don’t find the right balance. This week wasn’t so much about balance as it was swinging the pendulum to the other extreme so that it can rebound back to the center eventually. And, I suppose, that’s what it’s all about. Pendulums rebounding. But getting back to work has been lovely. I’ve missed the quiet of the time I spend with my words.



I don’t know why we loose touch with the park in the summer. But we do every year. And then we reunite right about now when we know our jet-off-to-the-park days are numbered. There were so many lovely things about this trip to the park. The three of us played together nearly the entire time. That’s rare these days and I sort of missed the slides and the swings. The other lovely thing? We managed to remember to bring our ball back home.

favorite words

“Think long and hard about how you spend your precious hours, the only currency in this life that I personally think is actually worth anything.” ~Lindsey Mead of A Design So Vast in her post this week: Time and a map of what matters


Happy weekend to you. I hope you spend these precious weekend hours well!


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