Nourish Yourself


“But I know that I never revealed that I struggled with nourishment. That I hadn’t really nourished myself in years, perhaps ever. That perhaps I hadn’t been truly nourished since my own mother saw to it that I was. In theory, nourishment sounded wonderful. Food. Love. Friends. Faith. These things, I believed, could nourish a person. Sustain and fulfill. But I was 19. A rising college sophomore. Perpetually dieting. Still wondering if what I’d had with my high school boyfriend was love. Struggling to figure out friendship and faith and other deep, soul-focused questions in the emotion and self-discovery of college.”

Read more of my story at Mamalode today.

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The theme at Mamalode this month is Nourish. That word brings me back more than a decade, to a time in my life when I struggled with nourishment on so many levels. As with so many things, motherhood changed all of that. I’d love for you to join me there as ONE Girls & Women sponsor Mamalode and this beautiful theme this month.

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