Lovely Little Things 26


This week’s lovely little things.


In the early days of my motherhood, I read Bad Mother by Ayelet Waldman. In it she makes frequent reference to the moment when she was vilified for admitting that she loved her husband more than her children. I remember reading that in wonder, realizing that in my short time as mother I hadn’t given thought to who I loved more. I didn’t see any reason to disparage her but the exercise of quantifying and comparing love seemed futile. But I think of that whole thing on weeks like this when the most lovely moment of my week happened between my husband and I, on our date morning, without our kids around. It’s rare for me to sit down on a Friday and find that the first lovely thing that comes to mind has nothing to do with my two small people. But spending a few hours with my love, wandering around and sipping coffee and mimosas is about the loveliest thing.

being present

water and sun

There are times when I falter on my journey to be more present with my kids. There are times when I falter a lot. And then there are times when I get it. When the demand to be present is too much to ignore. Or I’m just in a zone. Or I’m weaker for their smiles and giggles or that look they give me when they ask me to come play and I say yes than I am for the call of my email and my phone. Being present is lovely.

Giving is lovely and I am excited this week about my giveaway of a Barefoot Books book with Shari. It’s my first attempt at this kind of giveaway and new things are always exciting.

barefoot books and feet

signs and the universe
We are signing a lot in our house these days, all of us learning this new language and using our hands as we never have before. So when I saw this video, I eagerly clicked and fell in love. If you need a smile today, take a few minutes to watch.

favorite words
4yo: Can I tell you something? It’s good news!
Me: Of course! I always love good news!
4yo: We are going to sing Let It Go at the summer camp talent show!!
Me: That is good news!

Hope a happy weekend with lots of good news lies ahead for you!


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