Lovely Little Things, 25


Oh this week. This is sort of a critical week for my lovely little things. Because I didn’t write last week. I was happy and grateful but tired and distracted and I just couldn’t make myself sit down long enough to write (and, when I did, I sorta fell asleep). So this week, this week when I am also happy and grateful but a whole lot more distracted and tired, this week I need to write. Because this is the moment where a routine fades away if you don’t come back to it.

siblings walking

So here I am. At the end of a week that was so overwhelmingly full. And even though much of that fullness was good, fullness can make it hard to pull out the gratitude. So here I am.

This week’s lovely little things.

finding camaraderie

Meeting new people sorta terrifies me. Knowing that people are watching and reading and seeing everything I put out, people other than my husband and best friend, it makes me feel anxious if I think about it too long. One might wonder why I came to blogging in the first place, given all that (I wonder somedays too). But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met Emily or learned about INDIGENOUS. I wouldn’t have connected with all of the wonderful people who shared my story and my new love on Wednesday, who share my passion for doing good and my quest for making it work in our lives, however those lives may look. Meeting new people sorta terrifies me. But connecting with people who share my passions and interests and loves? That exhilarates me.


I wanted to keep my daughter up last Friday night. To greet her aunt and uncle when they arrived. It seemed like the ‘fun mom’ thing to do. But the timing didn’t work out and my little girl was far too mushy after a long day at camp so off to bed she went. But my aunt specifically requested that my daughter wake her up the next morning, a request I relayed between stories and bedtime prayers. And that, not only being willing but actually requesting a pre-7am wake-up call, well it made my girl’s night. We are so blessed to have family that delights in delighting our little people and helps us see them in a whole new way.

friends (not fridges)

Yeah, it’s on the fritz again. I can’t even talk about that though because I’m still smiling, thinking about how the few things we had actually re-stocked up on are now safely chilling in our friend’s fridge and freezer. Friends who lend you fridge space are among the best friends of all. So much so that I may leave that bottle of wine I put in their fridge this morning. (Or, at the very least, friend, let’s drink it together next week!)


The weeks that have passed since that ending and this new beginning have been quiet. I’ve had time to wander, look for my place, find my footing, loose it again, and then find it again. I’ve had time to breathe a bit and really think through what I want. And it’s been so lovely. The kind of time I always craved. But this week, things started to pick up. This freelance career might be taking off, catching a little air, just a little bit. And for all the rough, this part is pretty darn exciting and fun.

favorite words

I finished Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan this week, making it one of the fastest books I’ve read this year. I was drawn to it every night and everything about it, the story, the honesty, the discovery along the way, and the way I identified with so much of what she wrote, pulled me through it so quickly. Sprinkled throughout were lines that just grabbed me and I found myself emailing words to myself at least once every time I opened it up. This was one of them.


Happy weekend, all. Remember to show the world the woman inside you. (Or man, I know there are a few of you out there too!).


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