I went to the grocery store. Alone.


I went to the grocery store yesterday.


I parked far away from the entrance. I walked across the hot black asphalt, weaving my way through parked cars and cart pushers and the less fortunate desperately seeking a spot near the front. I did all of this without a white knuckled grasp on anyone else’s hand.

I picked a small cart. The one that doesn’t have space to seat a small human. No buckle and belt. I wasn’t sure whether all of the things I needed would fit. I also didn’t care.

I did not pause to gaze at myself on the security TV as I moved through the sliding doors.

I moseyed up and down the aisles.

I did not name ‘apples’ and ‘bananas’ and ‘carrots’ as I wound through the produce department.

I did not stop at the lobster tank and stare at those creepy creatures trying to claw their way to the water’s edge.

I hugged corners and walked a toddler’s arm-length away from the shelves, maybe even closer, without fear of needing a clean up in aisle 5.

I spent at least five minutes studying cheese options.

I did not walk on only the white tiles (or is it any color but the white tiles?). Nobody told me, repeatedly, that those tiles (the white ones. or is it the black ones?) are hot lava. Neither I, nor anyone around me, nearly fell even once while leaping and dancing from one block of tiles to another.

I did not sing. Neither along with the song in my own head or to whatever pop tune was being pumped out into the air. I don’t even remember what songs serenaded this freedom trip, as I wandered with my little cart.

I did not rush through the freezer aisles. Yes, it was cold over there. But it’s hot outside.

I put each item I selected into the cart myself. No bruised apples, no broken crackers, no dented boxes of tomatoes were found in my possession.

I didn’t ride the elevator but, if I had, I would have pushed the buttons. All of them. All by myself.

I used the self check out and I scanned every item. I did not pull little people away from the bagging area. And the machine worked just fine. I got my own receipt. I pressed the buttons and signed. All by myself. Nobody asked (or begged, or cried) to help me.

When I was done, I did not take the cart to my car. Even though I had parked far away. I did not say goodbye to the cart either. I did not find myself tethered to it’s black plastic handle until the proper goodbyes had been spoken.

And nobody lost a shoe as I parted with that cart.

I carried my two bags to the car. One in each hand. Rather well balanced. Nothing I was carrying squirmed or tried to break free between the automatic grocery store doors and and my car, several rows away.

I loaded the bags into the trunk and then slid into the driver’s seat. I sat there for a minute. Nobody cried or demanded a snack for the five minute ride.

And then, I drove home. I did not listen to one Disney song the entire way.

It probably took all of about 20 minutes.

And no, it wasn’t the best 20 minutes of my weekend. It wasn’t even the best 20 minutes of my day.

But thinking of it this morning, well it makes me smile.

So much so that, I think, next weekend, I’ll do it again.

Until then…



  1. Love this. I think you hit every single thing I savor about solo grocery trips. I’m due for one too!
    Katie @ Pick Any Two recently posted..Are You Causing Your Toddler to Misbehave?My Profile

  2. This made me miss the old days! My daughter is nine now. I bring her with me because she can remember where we parked the car.
    Joey Lynn Resciniti (@BTaC_blog) recently posted..Raising Just One KidMy Profile

    • 🙂 haha that’s awesome. The older my daughter gets, the more it changes for sure. I actually enjoy bringing a child with me to the grocery store but sometimes it does feel like quite the luxury to go alone!

  3. I rather enjoy grocery shopping on my own. 🙂
    Alison recently posted..20 StrangersMy Profile

  4. Shopping without kids is totally a priceless experience and not going to lie, I look forward to the weekend now just for this alone myself! 😉
    Janine Huldie recently posted..Swallow for The Perfect Anniversary CelebrationMy Profile

  5. The challenges just change as the kids get older. No more hot lava, but requests. Chips. Soda. Crab legs. Yes, crab legs. There’s still wrestling and disappearing babies (9-year-old babies) and kids who want to push the cart or do not want to hold the basket.

    And every time I’m there without them, I wish they were there. Because then I could justify the chips, soda and crab legs. Yes, crab legs.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..Dad’s Fanatics Often Become Family FanaticsMy Profile

  6. I often spend five minutes considering my cheese options.
    And the Disney song thing cracked me up because if Scarlet’s in the car and awake, she wants the Disney Pandora station. So we were leaving for a road trip on Sunday and at a gas station and Cassidy fired it up. The gas station attendant looked startled.
    Cassidy said, “We’re about to leave for a three hour road trip listening to Disney music the whole way.”
    The guy said, “Rock on!”
    Tamara recently posted..The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.My Profile

  7. My first solo trip to the grocery store — I DID sing and probably even danced a bit as I browsed. But the key word there is “Browsed” ha.
    And I came home with the strangest grocery items. I mean, really? Am I ever really going to make something with that Thai coconut peanut pineapple marinade?
    But it was nice to think I was an actual grown up who ate food with exotic sauce on it…. and that touched other food on my plate.
    Rorybore recently posted..Monday’s Music Moves Me: Tell The Story, Sing the SongMy Profile

  8. Ain’t that nice 🙂 It’s nice to have your thoughts to yourself, especially when you’re grocery shopping – but kids get so excited at the smallest detail that its’ still fun to take them. My son enjoys running errands with me and he’s calm so it’s easy to take him. When they’re younger though, patience is more trying. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it, have a great one Tricia! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted..Game of Thrones Historical ThrowbackMy Profile

  9. I love going to ANY store alone. It’s the best.
    Amber recently posted..Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!My Profile

  10. Having time alone is something we take so much for granted until we don’t have it any more – i.e. kids! I need time alone to refresh and refocus. It is rare and something to savor, for sure.
    Lisa @ The Golden Spoons recently posted..My Favorite Apps {Tuesday Ten Linkup}My Profile

  11. Amazing how different an experience it is without kids. I think they should have indoor playgrounds at grocery stores with free childcare. Now that’s a business idea! 🙂

  12. Being able to go to the grocery and shop leisurely by myself is one of my favorite things. I don’t have to do a quick rush through my grocery list (inevitably forgetting something). I don’t have to avoid certain aisles or sections. I don’t have to negotiate or bargain. sigh. It is lovely.

  13. Only parents can know the joy of being alone, right? I mean we love our kids, but sometimes a solo mission is the best thing for a hectic day. Glad you got to go it alone! Visiting from SITS Sharefest.
    Leah recently posted..Traveling with Tots: Remembering Your KidMy Profile

  14. {Melinda} Oh, Tricia! I remember those days … when those 20 minutes at the grocery store are the only 20 minutes no one is making any demands on you all day. I smiled at your descriptions … mine are 17 and 14 now and strangely, I miss singing those Disney tunes and getting the huge cart with plenty of room for little legs and arms. My daughter (who is 5 months away from 18) keeps telling me I’m “all emotional” these days … yep, my babies are almost all grown up and there’s not a thing I can do about it. Sigh.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..how my chronic illness has helped my kidsMy Profile

  15. Sometimes I forget to change the station and a Disney song comes on and I think to myself, “Why am I listening to this?!”
    Teresa (embracing the spectrum) recently posted..Fancy Spoof: Mommy VersionMy Profile

  16. Is it sad that as I read this post I was lost with envy? 🙂 I just had twins 2-weeks ago and I have a (just under) 3-year old. Yesterday, my hubby and I had to go to a doctor’s appt. with no kids so we stopped at the market. After days of being home with the babies I felt like I joined the real world again and felt liberated… yup, at the supermarket. LOL. What a sad story. But it’s the little things right? Visiting from SITS ShareFest. So glad to have stumbled upon you. 🙂
    Breaking The Momma Mold recently posted..What You Remember (and Forget) When Raising InfantsMy Profile

  17. Preach on, Sister!!! I beg to go grocery shopping alone…it’s like a mini vacation! I also try to sneak in a solo Target trip so I can hit Starbucks! lol
    Anne Marie recently posted..Paper BuntingMy Profile

  18. I do this once a week. I love it. It’s part of my “me” time!
    Ida recently posted..A Big Step: No More Training Wheels X 3My Profile

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