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We welcomed summer this week.

memorial day table

And there’s just something about it that feels magical to me this time around. Big and important. Ripe for big change and lots of new and a healthy sweeping out of the old. Perhaps because this summer will be big and important and with, perhaps, more than a healthy dose of the new. And, should I have anything to say about it, this summer will most definitely be magical.

But more about that later.

For now, I’m enjoying the summer feeling as it saunters in, takes off its shoes, because I’m doin the same, and makes itself comfortable. I’m enjoying open windows and I’m opening my mind and my heart to more. More of everything. More outside. More ice cream on a Monday just because. More dressing up because sundresses are fun. More time with friends because we’ve all finally burst out of hibernation and now, it is time. It’s time for more and for open.

Today, I’m even enjoying air conditioning with it’s very particular air conditioning smell. And mosquito bites. With their very particular awfulness. But oh how I’d rather fight the urges to scratch my legs like crazy than fight the urges to go stir crazy as I stare at a blanket of white all around. Instead, the world is vibrating with green. And green suits the world so nicely.

in the grass

After a weekend of cannonballing into summer, it was hard to shake that summer-lovin feeling. So, sort of, I didn’t. And because of that, it was lovely.

Lovely with these lovely little things…

coffee talk

Part of my season of more and open, I’m reaching out these days. Tracking down those friends I haven’t seen or talked with in a while. I’ve, somewhat purposefully, chosen the ones I don’t see all the time in the digital world. Because it’s so much nicer to sip your coffee carefully because you know that you have no idea what your friend will say next and maybe they will have such news that makes you spit your coffee all over them. That hasn’t happen. But knowing that it could, that we’re catching up for real because Facebook hasn’t told or shown me every bit of news, is refreshing. So this week I met, and I sipped, and we sat and caught up. And sometimes I forget just how lovely real conversation is when had with dear friends. It is lovely.

Speaking of lovely that is not found on Facebook, check this out if you haven’t already (or even if you have). Every tree is trending, ya know. And dude from ‘Chuck’ can sing.

the pool

In celebration of summer, the pool took it’s place in our backyard. And I kind of love watching them reacquaint with it. When she was a baby, we’d plop her right in and she’d splash happily, not one bit bothered by the water or the way it dripped from her head, down her hair, to her eyes. Then she grew and needed some time and space. She’d hang around the pool, still splashing, still filling cups and pouring them out, but with her feet on (mostly) dry ground. Same went with the sprinkler. We’d dance at the edge of it’s reach for quite some time before she’d so much as let a sprinkle grace her toe.

in the pool

This summer, she bounds right in. Excited and fearless and soaking it all in quite literally. And he has taken her place at the edge. And I love that though they are so different and I see the stark contrasts every single day, there are still these threads that make them the same. That make them uniquely my babies.

favorite words

My husband called me a geek for this one but were you aware that NPR created an app of the best commencement speeches ever? Seriously if you can’t find me, I’ll be holed up in my room chain watching these. As a constant seeker of inspiration, these things are like sustenance to me and I want to watch just about every one of them. I came to discover this genius corner of the Internet through this speech by Jon Lovett, the first few minutes of which has been animated and is quite awesome. As he tells last year’s Pitzer graduating class,

And sure, that’s a great message for young twenty-somethings and much harder to accept a decade or two or three later. But I like to think it’s true at every age.

Happy weekend! Go enjoy some more and some open and some summer.


Happy Birthday Ten Things of Thankful!!!


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