Lovely little things, 18


Another little round up of lovely little things.


She has started to read. A few times a week she brings home a reader. A short book with just a few basic words on each page that still manage to create sentences and tell the most basic of stories. And she reads them to us. And she pauses and she sounds out each sound and then puts them together. And it takes quite some time and I have to constantly bite my tongue as she struggles because of course there is that part of me that can’t bear to see her struggle. But this is such a good struggle and more often than not she triumphs all on her own and that sweet feeling of success should be all hers. So I keep my mouth closed and I listen to her read.

new park routine

pushing lawnmower

We had a routine last year. Our park routine. Park the stroller, hop in the swing. Maybe venture to the sandbox or take a trip down the slide. Always as a trio. Moving as a pack. It was a comfy routine and it worked.

This year, they broke the mold. Threw away the old routine.

This year she bounds off, kicking up woodchips before I’ve even finished crossing the grass. We don’t take the long way anymore, we cut right to the chase. She dashes off to the slide or, more than likely, the climbing structure and she’s far above my head by the time I’ve unbuckled him from the stroller. And then he dashes off, finding the nearest toy lawn mower or car or truck to push around before loosing himself in the sandbox or going ten rounds on the slide.

And I’m left. To stand there. Keeping eyes but otherwise feeling a bit awkward. Every so often someone will need a little help getting up or down a ladder. Every so often they’ll both want to swing a bit. But mostly, they go. And I’m left feeling happy that they are happy and at peace because they are at peace and oh so lucky to get to watch them both throw themselves into play so deeply that they forget to look up to see if I’m watching.

gifting myself a night off

I’ve been working pretty hard lately. Got to a point where I felt I was being lazy. So I stopped. Being lazy that is. And I started to do a gaggle of things. Returning to my desk each night after tuck ins to write, or research or work.

And, you know, it’s been good. So good. I know it’s not supposed to feel this good to return to my computer when the couch and TV are calling. And I’m grateful that it does. It makes me happy. It’s inspiring and encouraging and a little bit of confirmation that I’m doing the right things.

The danger, of course, is that I’ll just keep going and going and going and never give myself a break. Time to recharge or just rest. Time to answer the call of the couch and the TV because they too deserve a little time.

So I gifted myself a night off. And it was so lovely that I know I’ll make sure to do it again.

favorite words

I left this song on the radio this week for the first time. And kinda fell in love with it. My favorite line:

“I’ve got two hands, one beating heart. And I’ll be alright. Gonna be alright”

Happy long weekend!


  1. It seems we have a new playground routine this year, too. I noticed it last week when we were there. I realized that I am not really needed there much anymore. I watched quietly and took some pictures but otherwise, they had it covered. I am sure I will get used to it, as we do – but it was an odd feeling.
    Kim recently posted..We’ve Got ThisMy Profile

  2. LOVE. Isn’t it almost liberating when the kids actually go play on their own? Do you know mine STILL want me to go play with them and ‘watch them’ all the time. I think I created little monsters craving my attention constantly.

    BUT- at least I can say “I’m going to stay here and watch you, now just go have fun without me!”
    Chris Carter recently posted..I Welcome Yvonne, Proud Author of Drawings in SandMy Profile

  3. I want a new playground routine so badly. My kids are still…feigning helplessness out there. Swing pushing, hugging, carrying, etc. I suppose I should be thankful for it because I’ll miss it one day and I’m glad Des isn’t dangerously fearless..

    But still.

    These are lovely things.
    Tamara recently posted..I’ve Been Looking Forward To This All Week.My Profile

  4. I love Ingrid Michaelson. Her song “Be Okay” has been my mantra many times.
    Love the description of your kids immersed in their play at the park. It’s a good thing when they can entertain themselves.
    And you have a reader! How exciting! A whole, new world will open up to her!
    Dyanne @ I Want Backsies recently posted..I-Couldn’t-Stop-At-10-This-Week Things Of ThankfulMy Profile

  5. Watching someone learn to read is an amazing thing. It does take a whole lot of patience, though. But it’s a beautiful process.
    My kids like to do separate things at the park. My daughter often needs my assistance and calls for me, and my son tries to do things beyond his ability or size, and I have to go rescue him. I feel like I run back and forth the whole time I’m at the park.
    Sarah recently posted..TToT27: Spring!My Profile

  6. oh the discovery of reading… I received my first of your monthly newletters… it was awesome… sign up you guys its lovely and inspiring…helped with the writing blockade I seem to have come up against! THanks!

  7. Reading is magical, and how exciting that your daughter is figuring it out!
    Kristi recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful: Hole in My Heart EditionMy Profile

  8. probably the single most significant skill to acquire at that age, the enjoyment of reading… very cool
    clark recently posted..TToT for Saturday the Wakefield Doctrine (…nope! got nothin! no clever little side-title)My Profile

  9. Good for you for biting your tongue and letting her continue trying, at her own pace, to master this skill. I know it’s hard, but it’s so important for her. Start plumbing all the contacts you know for people who’ll come and listen to her read, or people you can take her to so she can practice. Let them pick up some of the flak.

    It’s nice they’re both at a stage where they’re happy to go off and play. That just keeps getting better – Niece can lose herself in the park for HOURS now, if I let her. Neff does like to PLAY though, and I more often than not find myself dying sixteen thousand bloody deaths at his superhero hands.

    Glad you managed such a lovely list of Thankfuls. I hope your weekend looks up, and that you find the next one easier. Bravo for doing it anyway.
    Considerer recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful #49My Profile

  10. You are wise to know when it is best to keep quiet and let her go on her own. Struggle can be positive as you say. And isn’t it so amazing to see your child figuring out the world of words? I just loved those read alouds.
    May recently posted..Summer List of ThankfulMy Profile

  11. Love the song! Thanks for sharing it…I’d never heard it. Isn’t it interesting when kids change the routine on you. They get a little more brave and start to figure it all out. It never stops!
    I would certainly agree that every once in a while the TV and couch could use a little attention! Good for you 😉
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted..Nothing Like Graduation Day….My Profile

  12. Gifting yourself a night off is not just a gift to you, but to your family – a happy Mama makes for happy kids and a happy husband! 🙂
    Alison recently posted..Through The Lens Thursday #21: StreetMy Profile

  13. Mine don’t even need me at the park anymore. I miss the days of following them up the slide, pushing them in the swings.
    Robbie recently posted..Ten Things ThankfulMy Profile

  14. 1. I just gifted myself 3:57 to watch Ingrid. Sigh. So.Dreamy.

    2. I think we called those first books Decodables. We had them in shoe boxes everywhere. It’s where it all starts. My girls need to find that spark again, though. I’m determined to help them this summer.

    3. Just think, that evolution you saw at the playground plays itself out on bigger stages, like weekend festivals, when two teens tell you they want to walk on their own, and will meet you in an hour. I’m OK with it, but I also miss the days of Decodables right that moment, too.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..The Head of a Sleeping Man – UnzippedMy Profile

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