Lovely little things, 18


Another little round up of lovely little things.


She has started to read. A few times a week she brings home a reader. A short book with just a few basic words on each page that still manage to create sentences and tell the most basic of stories. And she reads them to us. And she pauses and she sounds out each sound and then puts them together. And it takes quite some time and I have to constantly bite my tongue as she struggles because of course there is that part of me that can’t bear to see her struggle. But this is such a good struggle and more often than not she triumphs all on her own and that sweet feeling of success should be all hers. So I keep my mouth closed and I listen to her read.

new park routine

pushing lawnmower

We had a routine last year. Our park routine. Park the stroller, hop in the swing. Maybe venture to the sandbox or take a trip down the slide. Always as a trio. Moving as a pack. It was a comfy routine and it worked.

This year, they broke the mold. Threw away the old routine.

This year she bounds off, kicking up woodchips before I’ve even finished crossing the grass. We don’t take the long way anymore, we cut right to the chase. She dashes off to the slide or, more than likely, the climbing structure and she’s far above my head by the time I’ve unbuckled him from the stroller. And then he dashes off, finding the nearest toy lawn mower or car or truck to push around before loosing himself in the sandbox or going ten rounds on the slide.

And I’m left. To stand there. Keeping eyes but otherwise feeling a bit awkward. Every so often someone will need a little help getting up or down a ladder. Every so often they’ll both want to swing a bit. But mostly, they go. And I’m left feeling happy that they are happy and at peace because they are at peace and oh so lucky to get to watch them both throw themselves into play so deeply that they forget to look up to see if I’m watching.

gifting myself a night off

I’ve been working pretty hard lately. Got to a point where I felt I was being lazy. So I stopped. Being lazy that is. And I started to do a gaggle of things. Returning to my desk each night after tuck ins to write, or research or work.

And, you know, it’s been good. So good. I know it’s not supposed to feel this good to return to my computer when the couch and TV are calling. And I’m grateful that it does. It makes me happy. It’s inspiring and encouraging and a little bit of confirmation that I’m doing the right things.

The danger, of course, is that I’ll just keep going and going and going and never give myself a break. Time to recharge or just rest. Time to answer the call of the couch and the TV because they too deserve a little time.

So I gifted myself a night off. And it was so lovely that I know I’ll make sure to do it again.

favorite words

I left this song on the radio this week for the first time. And kinda fell in love with it. My favorite line:

“I’ve got two hands, one beating heart. And I’ll be alright. Gonna be alright”

Happy long weekend!


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