Want to plant ten trees with me?


Do you love trees?

Want to plant ten of them? Right now?

I’m so excited to introduce you, today, to tentree.

For every item they sell, tentree plants ten trees.

It’s almost as simple as that.

Except that they have some amazing things. I’ve been living in my Equinox t-shirt since the day it arrived.


When you get a product, you also get a code to register your trees and discover your impact.

And tentree just isn’t running around dropping seeds. They’re researching and planning. They’re finding the areas and ecosystems that need trees and they’re partnering with local non-profits to ensure their impact lasts. And they’re sorting through which species of trees will be most likely to survive in a given area. And it should be no surprise that trees change lives but maybe you didn’t think about it that way before.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check them out, add your face to the map, and plant ten trees. And look quite stylish while doing it.

I’m a huge fan (ok, obsessed) with social good. Organizations that use their powers, not just for good instead of evil, but for really, really, really good. We’re living in a new era, in which people aren’t getting into business just for the money and the profits and their own personal wealth. They’re doing it to make a difference. Leave the world better than they found it. And we’re living in an era in which those social good doers are doing it smarter and in ways that grow incredibly strong roots and then flourish. I feel so honored to be living in this time.

Not coincidentally, tentree is one of my new favorite Instagrammers, feeding my new Instagram obsession. Their images are always stunning and succeed every time at making me feel so small yet so so powerful.

So, what do you say? Want to plan ten trees with me?


disclosure: The links above are affiliate links and I received a free shirt from tentree before writing this post. But all thoughts and opinions are my own and I’d write about them anyway. Because, of course, trees change lives.


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