Lovely little things, week 16


They say that when you are about to do something big and scary, make a big change or take a big risk or stand up and do that something you’ve always dreamed of doing but just haven’t ever scared up the guts to do, that you should surround yourself with the people who will build you up. Not in a fake “you can do anything!” kind of way, because those people can be just as toxic as the “you shouldn’t do that!” people. You need the people who support you in a “you can do this and you need to do this and I’m so glad you are doing this” kind of way.

When they say that to you, know that they are right. And when you find your “you can do this and you need to do this and I’m so glad you are doing this” people, hug them tightly.

To my people, thank you for your support this week.

And now, this week’s lovely little things.

It bothers him when she cries. It bothers him when she leaves without remembering to say goodbye. He wants her hugs and kisses and, even without words, he asks for them.

She lives for hugs and kisses from him. She works for his smiles and giggles. She shares so that he will be happy.

And I wish I could take credit for all of this. This deeply beautiful friendship between them. And maybe, a little bit, I can. But really, mostly, it’s just them. And my heart will never stop swooning over the site of the two of them coming together, chubby baby arms wrapped around her itty bitty waist, her dark hair falling on his shoulders as she bends her head towards his. I love their love.

feeding ducks

the other side of fear
On Tuesday night I had a small panic attack right as I was trying to fall asleep. Earlier that day I had officially scheduled a post that had sprung from my heart, also on the edge of sleep, two weeks ago. I had sat on those words for two weeks. Wanting to share them but not sure I was ready to share. Until Tuesday afternoon, in a flash of a get-it-all-done moments, I put it all in motion. And then there was Tuesday night and I almost got up out of bed in search of my computer and the little button that would keep those words hidden in draft form. But I didn’t. And on Wednesday and Thursday I got the most lovely responses to those words. And then there was this that summed it all up.

And, of course, she is so right. The other side of fear, friends, is exciting and beautiful.

favorite words
“Build a corner. This is what people who are good at puzzles do. They ignore the heaps of colors and shapes and simply look for straight edges. They focus on piecing together one tiny corner. Every book, story, and essay begins with a single word… Anchor yourself somewhere—anywhere—on the page.”
— Dani Shapiro, Still Writing

Happy weekend, all. Go do something that makes your heart race and your hands shake!


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