Lovely little things, 14


The world is full of lovely little things.

Last week we were in Disney World. Talk about lovely little things. And big things. And magical things.

I was too busy last week doing all the Disney things that I didn’t make time to talk about it all. I will talk about it all.

But not today.

Today I’m thinking about the lovely little things that happen right here in my cozy little section of the world.

home magic

You know, I honestly worried a bit. That the day after we returned home from Disney, we’d go to our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. I worried a little that after the intense, over-the-top, yes this really is magic and those really are princesses and omg there is Micky Mouse, magic of Disney World that running around the park picking up eggs off the ground and tossing them into a basket wouldn’t be as fun as it was last year.


I needn’t have worried. She had a blast.

And so did he.boy and eggs

And I remembered that magic is magic. It doesn’t have degrees or sizes. It just plainly is. One-size-fit-all, if you will. And if you toss yourself fully into the place you’re in and the thing you’re doing and the celebration at hand, then hunting for eggs can be as fun as dining with princesses can be as fun as making popcorn on a Monday afternoon.


In one of those perfect timing moments, they drove up the street just as we got out of the car. Fresh (or, rather, not so fresh) from the airport, dragging luggage behind us, dusting off cheerio crumbs, we ran up the hill to meet them. And then the two little girls giggled and ran and started to play while the two mommy girls chatted and caught up and smiled and hugged. And it hasn’t always been this way for us, friends cushioning our fall back to real life. But oh man if I didn’t know what I was missing before.

feet in sand


It’s a completely underrated milestone. The head nod. After weeks and months of head shaking, no, no, no, accompanied, always accompanied by screams and this awful sound that only he can make, he has finally mastered the head nod. And he nods. To just about every question. And his head goes up before down and I kinda love that. But mostly I love that he starts from a place of Yes now.


favorite words this week

“It’s easy to convince ourselves that if we stay busy enough, the truth of our lives won’t catch up to us.” ~Brene Brown

Wishing you a slow, easy weekend, friends.


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