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This week’s lovely little things.

oh yea, the park

Things to do. Always there are things to do. Laundry and grocery shopping and vacation planning and packing and cleaning and spring cleaning and yes, the list goes on. But we needed some us time. So I released us both from the trappings of a Wednesday afternoon and we went. An hour at the park. Just us. And he ran. And ran and ran. And then he sat before he ran some more.


And it was lovely.

tiny, tiny flowers

“So, where should we go?” I asked her as I pulled the car out onto the street. It was a rainy, dreary Monday. But we had an extra hour to spend thanks to an early school dismissal.

“We could go to the library,” I offered, “or to Target. Or we could just go home and spend more time with baby brother.”

“But I want to spend time just me and you.”

Sometimes life can be so good on a Monday.

She decided she wanted to go get a manicure.

Sometimes life can be so very good on a Monday.

And the manicurist painted tiny little flowers on her thumbnails. And she was over the moon. And she’s shone them off proudly to everyone, everyday, ever since.

And I got princess sparkle pink on mine. Not my first choice but all week, my fingers have reminded me of her and time spent with just us two.

celebrating 70

Degrees. Yesterday reached 70 degrees. And I just can’t help myself when it happens for the first time all season. I wore a skirt, no tights. And I let her do the same. And we both wore our new Toms shoes and mine have made me smile since the day I put them in my cart. And she’s been dying to wear hers since the day we slide them out of their protective little bag and I love fresh starts and spring and new shoes.


Favorite words

Baby boy and I have hit a rough patch. He’s a toddler and I’m not nearly as patient or calm as I’d like to be. And so we battle.

On the way home from work this week, I heard Peace by O.A.R. And though obviously meant in a romantic kind of way, these lines struck me in a difference place.

“I just wanna make you laugh

I just wanna see that smile

Babe we’re only here for a little while

I just wanna hold you till you fall asleep

I want love. I want us. I want you. I want me. I want peace.”

If you want to hear the full song:

Happy lovely weekend.

running at the park2


  1. So many lovely things this week! Love that you took your little girl for a special mommy-daughter pedi. I need to do this with my oldest. She’d be over the moon (it’s usually her grandmas who do the nail painting). And LOVE, LOVE that O.A.R. song. Two of my lovely things this week: my little one climbing into bed with me before 6 yesterday and prompting falling asleep cuddled up next to me. And snoring like a trucker! And taking my oldest for donuts after her kindergarten screening. Because she misses the bday cutoff by a few weeks, we had to go through this ridiculous rigamarole. She was a trooper, so a chocolate-frosted and sprinkle-covered donut was definitely in the cards!

  2. Lately I battle with Scarlet more than Des. I love everything about the stage he’s in. He is so confident in movement but he learned to walk/run during the winter, so hills and grasses still confound him. He’ll earn his spring/summer legs soon.
    We took Scarlet to get a manicure once and she totally balked and wanted to leave the salon! One day.
    Tamara recently posted..What I Want You To Know.My Profile

  3. Oh, the weather. Hasn’t it been amazing? I’ve gardened in a skirt just because I was loving the sun on my legs so much!
    Sarah recently posted..TToT21: Light and DarkMy Profile

  4. What a lovely week! How sweet to get time to spend time with your little girl alone. I am thankful that I have an only child because we do get to spend so much one on one time together. And the shoes? To die for – SO cute! Enjoy the Spring weather with your babies this week!
    Jen recently posted..Fitsme Fits You – A Fun New ToolMy Profile

  5. Glad that the week has been so great! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Michelle Liew recently posted..The Unseen ConductorMy Profile

  6. Always such precious lovely little things you share Tricia!!! I love that you embrace those moments despite all the ‘to do’s on your list!! LOVE those SHOES!!!!!

    Spring has come. There’s hope for life after all.
    Chris Carter recently posted..Another Voice! Ten Things of ThankfulMy Profile

  7. The shoes are BEAUTIFUL! Wow! I love them 😀

    So glad you found a song which spoke to you. It’s always good when that happens. I hope you and he stop clashing soon. Maybe he’ll run the challengingness (I know, not a word – whatevs) out of him with all the sprinting he’s doing.
    Considerer recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful #43 (A-Z April: Kishotenketsu)My Profile

  8. The shoes are cute. Nice to spend time alone just the girls… toddlers are a challenge to any level of patience! Some day you will look back and wonder when it slowed down…
    zoe recently posted..AtoZ and the TToT *** क्रमिक-K- Kramika- THE GRATITUDE OF PROBLEM SOLVING- LEARNING THROUGH LIFE EXPERIENCEMy Profile

  9. simple things can be the best of things, maybe because all of the emotion attaches very directly or maybe that’s just me.
    sounds like you had a good week.

    clark recently posted..TToT the Wakefield Doctrine (of aetuzees, impulse Contests and, of course, the weather!*) (*aka getting to 1st base, sociability-wise speaking)My Profile

  10. wonderful post and the shoes are great!
    JackieP recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful ~~ Spring Is In The Air!My Profile

  11. Thanks for sharing the music…the song is a fab piece on peace! Not familiar with the artist/s!
    Phoebe Wulliman Graber recently posted..Thanking My Way: In a Funk – TToT #12My Profile

  12. Another cute park pic there! Sounds like a good week overall. I love the feeling you get when you’re able to wear warmer weather clothes. Never been a fan of cold weather clothes at all. I can understand what you’re going through w/ your son. Mine is a toddler as well & it’s no walk in the park…no pun intended.
    Bianca @ Rant Rave Crave recently posted..10 Things of Thankful in Mid AprilMy Profile

  13. LOVE the shoes….and a manicure together sounds so great!! We’ve been having those warm days this week as well, and I’m so glad….my mood improves immensely with warm, sunny days.
    Teresa Kander recently posted..Ten Things Of Thankful–A Special EditionMy Profile

  14. Let me stop a moment and give those shoes their due…..they are awesome!

    I love the thought of your little angel showing everyone the tiny flowers on her thumbs. My daughter is eleven and she still gets the flowers painted on.
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted..New Friends, Old Friends, Good Friends, Bold FriendsMy Profile

  15. I am happy for 70 degrees too. But they are calling for a freeze in the South tomorrow night. I love your Spring pictures and the beautiful song about Peace. 🙂
    Mary Hill recently posted..A to Z: L is for Light, Love, and a Special LambMy Profile

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