Lovely little things, 13


This week’s lovely little things.

oh yea, the park

Things to do. Always there are things to do. Laundry and grocery shopping and vacation planning and packing and cleaning and spring cleaning and yes, the list goes on. But we needed some us time. So I released us both from the trappings of a Wednesday afternoon and we went. An hour at the park. Just us. And he ran. And ran and ran. And then he sat before he ran some more.


And it was lovely.

tiny, tiny flowers

“So, where should we go?” I asked her as I pulled the car out onto the street. It was a rainy, dreary Monday. But we had an extra hour to spend thanks to an early school dismissal.

“We could go to the library,” I offered, “or to Target. Or we could just go home and spend more time with baby brother.”

“But I want to spend time just me and you.”

Sometimes life can be so good on a Monday.

She decided she wanted to go get a manicure.

Sometimes life can be so very good on a Monday.

And the manicurist painted tiny little flowers on her thumbnails. And she was over the moon. And she’s shone them off proudly to everyone, everyday, ever since.

And I got princess sparkle pink on mine. Not my first choice but all week, my fingers have reminded me of her and time spent with just us two.

celebrating 70

Degrees. Yesterday reached 70 degrees. And I just can’t help myself when it happens for the first time all season. I wore a skirt, no tights. And I let her do the same. And we both wore our new Toms shoes and mine have made me smile since the day I put them in my cart. And she’s been dying to wear hers since the day we slide them out of their protective little bag and I love fresh starts and spring and new shoes.


Favorite words

Baby boy and I have hit a rough patch. He’s a toddler and I’m not nearly as patient or calm as I’d like to be. And so we battle.

On the way home from work this week, I heard Peace by O.A.R. And though obviously meant in a romantic kind of way, these lines struck me in a difference place.

“I just wanna make you laugh

I just wanna see that smile

Babe we’re only here for a little while

I just wanna hold you till you fall asleep

I want love. I want us. I want you. I want me. I want peace.”

If you want to hear the full song:

Happy lovely weekend.

running at the park2


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