Lovely little things, 7


This week had many lovely little things.

tulips and daffodils

small talks

We walked outside and she bounded down the sidewalk and up the stairs. I caught up with her, as I always do, at the parking lot where we clasped hands and continued the journey to our car. I said something that made her giggle. Oh if only I could always remember what. Usually it is simple. Little people laugh with ease.

Usually it is simple. But it is not always easy. On the dark days, and I’ve had many of those dark days recently, it is hard. It’s hard to remember how simple it is. It’s hard to just do it.

But on this cold, windy, Monday afternoon, one that felt colder because it followed a visit from Spring, I made her giggle. And as the clouds began to blow in for the next day’s storm, some of our darkness lifted.

pink toes

“Where are you two going, Mommy?”

“Oh we’re just going to have a playdate.”

“Are you going to play with toys?”

“No,” I smiled.

“So you’re just going to have a meeting?”

“Yeah, sort of!”

If by have a meeting you mean relax in a big comfy chair with a cup of tea and chat with a good friend while someone rubs my aching feet and adorns my toes with spring-like pink color. Then yes, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.


I’ve written here before of her amazing, absolute favorite in our family banana bread recipe. And if I haven’t before gushed over her amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe, consider that wrong righted. The truth is that whenever I need to bake something, I start my recipe search in her smitten kitchen, only wandering my way to epicurious or food network or, on a rare occasion, Martha, if the amazing Deb hasn’t yet been where I’m headed. It’s rare that it happens.

So last week, I decided to show some love and I bought The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. And then, on Saturday night, cup of tea in hand, I read it. Is a cookbook meant to be read? Curled up with under a blanket on a couch? Judging by the funny looks M gave me, I suspect not. But I read and I tagged pages and on Sunday morning I made a Dutch baby and Sunday night we had her chicken for dinner and this week I’m going to make some granola. So all seems right to me.

favorite captured moments

breakfast face drawing on the easel teach me to soar

favorite words

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes)

~Walt Whitman

Wishing you multitudes of lovely.


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