Lovely little things, 3


Another round up of the lovely little things that made my week.

boy in snow

Shall we dance
Now he asks. In his own silent way. Still no words from this one but we’ve fallen into this sweet understanding. Clocked enough hours together that we don’t so much need words. He asks me to pick him up with that very specific look on his face. Then he reaches out with his right hand and takes my left.

And then, we dance.

We swing and we sway and we spin. And I know he loves the spinning the most. He throws his head back and he laughs. Pure glee. But I hope it’s more than that. I hope we’ll always dance.

A short walk and a short talk
I just stopped by to drop something off. But we rarely just stop by quickly. We always take a step inside. And when it’s been a while, we linger even longer. And we catch up and commiserate and celebrate in these quick, dashes of a moment. And the kids had been grumpy and adult conversation was good. And I forget when it’s been a while of all work and snow and sickness that a quick conversation with a friend can be so very healing.

Good news
I need to talk to you, is what her message said. And, of course, I knew it could go entirely either way. All the way to the fantastically good, celebrate and squeal over phone lines stretched across countries. Or to the bad and I didn’t want to think of what the bad would call for. So I didn’t. I waited.

And it was good.

And it’s in these times that the distance feels so huge. I wanted to hug her and jump up and down with her and this morning I wanted to hand deliver those ginger cookies I promised would help her queasy belly. But, at the same time, the distance between friends is nothing at all. And across states and countries and time zones we celebrated this beautiful moment in her life. And it was good.

Favorite words this week
Some day, when I’m awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.

Yes you’re lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.”

I started singing this to my son back when he was first born. I know the song is romantic in nature but it fits, for me, how I feel about him. In these moments when he is inching toward toddler which is the road to big kid but he still has so much baby to him. Smile so warm and cheeks so soft. There is nothing for me but to love you. I sing it as I put on his pajamas and lay him down to sleep. And I dream that someday, a lifetime from now, we will dance to this at his wedding. But that’s probably taking it a bit too far…

What are you grateful for this week?


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  1. Definitely grateful for this post. Also, time to watch Grace as she worked in sub-freezing temperatures to attach eyes and a nose to a mostly-ice snowman. He’s barely a foot tall, and was no easy make, but worth it to see him.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..Go Ask Daddy About Despicable Zebras, Cheek Smacks and High-Dollar TicketsMy Profile

  2. I am grateful for the memories that your post has conjured up of my own baby boy – who’s now 8, that I used to dance with like that and sing to. And I’m so glad for your friend. There is no distance too far that disconnect the feelings of sharing great news like that.
    Ilene recently posted..SignsMy Profile

  3. Another life milestone that we celebrate together!!!! It feels so amazing when a friend celebrates your happy news with the excitement and love that you did. Thanks for always being there. Looking forward to your words of wisdom in the following months and years 🙂

  4. Such a lovely way to live – taking the small moments and truly cupping them in your hands and heart.

    I am grateful this week for being able to take a vacation with my family. So far, so fun!
    Alison recently posted..#AskAwayFriday: Playing With Light and How I Met My HusbandMy Profile

  5. Such a lovely photo of your and your child. And my husband LOVES Frank Sinatra. Reading those words makes me think of my husband singing them (campily so) over Frank’s crooning in the background.
    jamie@southmainmuse recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful now that January is past.My Profile

  6. Tricia this is such a beautifully crafted post. I love the softness in your words, and as I read them, I felt a hush, and the chance to really immerse. You have a lovely, descriptive way.

    I’m so glad that you dance with your son, and that you have such a wonderful time doing it. I hope you always dance together. And you never know – if you engrain the song into his psyche enough, it could happen that you get to dance at his wedding to it – my dad played me a particular piece on the organ each time I went out with him to help with tunings, and it’s a piece I love, and had him play at my wedding, as our ‘going out’ piece.
    Considerer recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful #33My Profile

  7. So happy for you and your friend that it was good news.

    Music is powerful, and I imagine your son will remember your song as your song.
    Kristi recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful: Wrapping Up JanuaryMy Profile

  8. WHat a lovely post… THe Way You Look Tonight has to be one of my all time favorites…I don’t think its taking it too far to think it will stick until the wedding dance… I still sing the song my mother sang to me as a baby…so does my brother.

  9. I love that song. Since I grew up watching black and white movies (in the 80s), it makes me think of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I think it’s a wonderful song to sing to a child. Beautiful post!
    Sarah recently posted..TToT11: Fast and FuriousMy Profile

  10. Oh, I always loved to dance with my kids. The spinning and the swaying and the giggling. I got to dance with my 14 year old at the 8th grade graduation dinner back in May. It was certainly a different dance, seeing he is taller than me, but it was still wonderful. The song will stick until the wedding if you keep singing it.

    Those quick (or not so quick) talks with friends are so helpful in the days of a mom. My kids groan it when I run into someone at the grocery store or if I have to drop something at a friend’s house. They know they will have to wait patiently for an undetermined amount of time.
    christine recently posted..We Get Around and Talk A Lot, TToT Week 33My Profile

  11. This is such a beautiful post. So sweet and warm.
    You know what is wonderful about your choice of song. This can be molded and interpreted any way you choose. I don’t hear romantic when I think of you singing it to your baby…I think of love, pure and simple. I hope you do dance to it at his wedding.
    I still dance with my kids, just today my daughter and I tried to tango. We failed. But we laughed and hugged and it was one of the best moments of my week…my month…my year.
    So very glad the news was good news!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted..But First, a Dedication: Ten Things of ThankfulMy Profile

  12. I love everything about your post.
    I send my sister that song as sung by Fred Astaire regularly
    thanks jean

  13. That song is one of my favourites.
    This is lovely, Tricia. I love those moments you describe that time and distance cannot change.
    Kim` recently posted..What a Wonderful WorldMy Profile

  14. this week i’m grateful for this beautiful weather which is beautifully demonstrated by the photo you’ve posted, i know it isn’t good when you drive but it makes so much fun on your backyard:)
    Peter recently posted..Egyedi generatív ékszerek 3D nyomtatássalMy Profile

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