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peach roses up close

When I was young, my aunt used to have a picture hanging in her kitchen. It was a photo of a rose. Beneath the photo was a paraphrase of a famous quote:

“I can complain because roses have thorns. Or I can rejoice because thorns have roses. It’s all up to me.”

Yesterday we woke to the mildest temperatures we’ve seen in what feels like weeks. Though it really hasn’t been that long. But 47 degrees and a pale blue sky with whispy clouds surrounded my drive to work. Such a day will make me cringe in March. Cry in April.

But yesterday, it felt like spring.

I took a walk before work. Ordered an iced drink. Soaked up the sun on my face and let my fingers enjoy the fresh air. For so long they had found themselves jammed into my pockets. And by the ride home yesterday, sadly by lunch time, they were once again burrowed into fleecy gloves. Temperatures continued dropping and this morning winter returned. Bitter and cold and grey.

But yesterday morning, for just a few hours, it was spring.

And, of course, I want to complain. A few hours, a measly walk to work, is not enough. Winter has been so incredibly unkind. Grey and riddled with illness and bitterly cold and there is snow on the ground and I miss the grass. And surely we’re due for a few mild days. A chance to warm up and soak up a little vitamin D.

Yes, I’ve done my fair share of complaining this season.

But it’s all up to me.


  1. ironic, I just wrote about my newfound love of winter tonight 🙂
    anneliese recently posted..we have lived this life beforeMy Profile

  2. Oh, me too. So much complaining. Guess where I was yesterday? Disney World in Orlando. 80° and full sunshine.
    Even those brief moments and days put the life back in.
    Tamara recently posted..Wanderlust: (A Guest Post By Work In Sweats Mama)My Profile

  3. I loved your post. It was like being in the middle of a great novel! Thanks for stimulating my imagination and taking me to where you were in your thoughts.

  4. So much depends upon our outlook on…just about everything. You’ve got a beautiful one here, friend.
    sarah reinhart recently posted..Simple Joy week 4: bringing back the sexyMy Profile

  5. I needed to hear this today, as I battle 2 days of school closures (and an entire town closing at that) and unruly kids that are interfering my my “agenda.” Maybe it’s time to change my agenda!
    Ilene recently posted..You Gotta Be: Ask Away Friday with Tamara Camera BlogMy Profile

  6. Amazing how much of our experience is in our control, isn’t it? I’ve been feeling the exact same way about winter lately. Here’s to more sunshine and spring-like weather!
    Christy@sweetandsavoring recently posted..Ode to Winter’s Blue SkyMy Profile

  7. I’m sending that quote to Marie, paraphrased and everything. We can’t always be perfect and praise the rose despite the thorns, but it’s good to know there’s a different perspective that we can choose.

    When the forecast is dreary, and you get that clear sky and warm sun and soft wind, you did the best thing you could have done with it – take it all in.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..Predictions for Our Kids, in 6 WordsMy Profile

  8. Such a humbling reminder — it really is up to us, isn’t it?

    The walk sounds lovely, and — admittedly — so does spring!

    Lovely words as always, you!
    Galit Breen recently posted..5 Lies and 1 Truth You’re Telling Yourself If You’re *Still* DietingMy Profile

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