Lovely little things, week 2


Another simple round up of lovely little things that made my week.

baby boy looking at the dryer

watching the dryer makes his week almost every time

Baking banana muffins
It had been a long afternoon. As I drove to school to pick her up, I plotted out how to get some quiet, largely un-moderated pre-dinner playtime going so that I could sit for a minute, rest my aching head, work through the days frustrations.

But when we got home, the two quickly browning bananas that had spoken to me earlier that day screamed for attention. So I gave each kid a spoon and a bowl. I gave the baby a piece of a banana and I gave big sister measured out quantities of butter and sugar and flour. And I turned on some quiet music. And lit some candles. And peacefully, happily, diligently, they mixed. And it was lovely. So lovely. And an hour later our home smelled of cinnamon and cloves.

And my headache vanished.

I’ve probably mentioned this before but I highly recommend this one-bowl, no-mixer banana bread recipe. I measure ingredients, my girl does all the mixing. And they are delicious.

Date night
I walked out the door and couldn’t keep my lips from spreading into a smile. We’re bad at this but there we were, doing it.

We went to a very nearby cafe and ordered a bottle of wine. And at first, we talked about the kids. But then we didn’t. Then we just talked. And we laughed. And it wasn’t like old times. It was like these times. And it was good.

And then, ready to go but too early to go home, we drove. Into the city, just to look around. We drove down streets that were so familiar to us a lifetime ago and marveled at the places and buildings and names that were still there. And we mourned a little for the ones that had faded. I wish I could have preserved the city, just as it was when I last came to visit, just as it was when I came here often. But, I suppose I’ve changed and grown and so it must too.

Stitch fix
Do you stitch fix?

I learned about it a few months ago and, seeing as I am never able to get to a store with enough time and space to browse let alone enter the dreaded dressing room, it quickly solved many problems. Once a month, I arrive home to a box of clothes sitting on my doorstep. I try them on, keep what I love, send back what I don’t in a pre-paid bag. And even on those months where every item goes back, as happened this time around, I still look forward to my stitch fix weeks. It’s like a little Christmas every month!

My husband
Do you ever go through those times when everything feels harder? Like you’re pushing through mud. And nothing quite looks the same on the outside as you imagined it on the inside. And it’s like your skin has thinned to tissue paper levels because everything cuts quickly and hurts deeply?

I have those times.

This week was one of those times.

But he quietly stood by me. And he asked if I wanted to talk. And didn’t pester me when I didn’t. And he made me tea.

And the mud seems to be clearing.

Awesome video
I have to admit, I did find this song catchy when it first came out but just never felt comfortable letting it play around my kids. But this? Oh my goodness this. I can’t stop watching.

Favorite words from this week
Don’t really know why this one spoke to me. But it was one of the only phrases I clearly understood in this song. And I liked it.

“I’m kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air
So there”
~ Lorde (Team)

What are you grateful for this week?


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