It was a snow day after all


I’d had it all planned out.

As soon as I’d tiptoed away from the rooms where the sleeping children lay, I’d fly down the stairs, curl up on the couch with my laptop, and revise some copy while watching Ellen. With a glass of wine. It was a snow day after all.

But by the time I got back to the living room, he was already there. Settled in on the couch and dialing in to the first of two phone calls that he’d rescheduled to naptime from their original times earlier in the day. It was a snow day after all. Meetings move and adjust to children’s sleep schedules.

So I left the TV off and settled into a barstool instead. And I opened the copy and began to edit while behind me and not more than six feet away he joined his call. And his voice became background noise that was better than Ellen even though she is  joyful and happy and I like joyful and happy. Because his voice as background means he is close. He is here. I really like when he is here.

We used to do this more often. Back in the day. When we didn’t need to hoard days off like the rare commodity that they are when children have schedules of their own, not to mention illnesses and snow days and a world where business as usual is never really usual at all. When we didn’t have to keep an eye on being present in the office at every possible moment to make up for all of the moments that just aren’t possible. We used to do this. Stay home together. Work while being close.

It seems so strange but there is something about it that is so lovely. You might think it shouldn’t be. Sitting in the same space as your love but completely ignoring him and, at the same time, begin completely ignored. He in his world, me in mine. No room for interruption. We might as well be miles apart.

But we’re not. We’re both here. Not more than six feet away. I can turn around and look at him and see him there. I can hear his voice. And there is a closeness that comes from just being there. In the same room. There is a comfort in that. In him being there. In knowing that we can do this. In knowing that when his calls are done and my copy is edited and the babies are waking from their naps, it will still be a snow day. And we’ll still all be together.


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  1. Hey, I love this.
    Also, I wrote about a snow day, too. 🙂

  2. wow… this was really, really beautiful…
    Misty recently posted..just a reflection…My Profile

  3. Lovely post about a wonderful moment. Lucky you. 🙂
    Jenny recently posted..Tuesday, UnwrappedMy Profile

  4. I’ve always had fantasies about working with my husband, and making it less of a divide of him always at work and me always here. I tend to pick up jobs on weekends giving him time with the kids while I earn money, but it’s not the best solution yet.
    I get that, though. Being close while being apart and in your own worlds too. You can break those spells at any point for a kiss or a hug.
    Tamara recently posted..18 Things For 18 Months.My Profile

  5. This is lovely Tricia! Having had those opportunities over the years to be together yet separate we call ‘breathing the same air’. You expressed it so beautifully. Thank you for linking up with Emily; that’s how I found your work!

  6. What a beautifully sacred afternoon! Sitting and just being is a beautiful thing! Especially in close proximity to loved ones and especially on a snow day!

    Lovely post, thank you for sharing!
    Kailey recently posted..The gift of nothing.My Profile

  7. My best friends and my best loves are the people I do this well with. Being in the dame room together but in silence and feeling perfectly content. This is beautiful my friend. Thank you for letting us into your snowy afternoon for a few moments.
    Ilene recently posted..A Million Little ThingsMy Profile

  8. A beautiful post. I love how you enjoyed his voice as the background for your task. That’s a great mental picture. Your perspective on working side by side and savoring the unexpected change in your day was very refreshing.

  9. LOVE this! What a joy and an honor to be able to sit in the same space – both completely in your own worlds, sharing oxygen and love – even in the business as usual silence (or lack thereof!)

    Visiting from Tuesdays Unwrapped over at Emily’s today!
    ~Karrilee~ recently posted..When You Brave the Cold and Show Up!My Profile

  10. How lovely and romantic!! I can picture the scene, feel as though I’m there in the room, peeking in at the intimacy of your shared space… how Karrilee put it, “sharing oxygen and love.” Beautiful!

  11. Oh, I love this kind of day you describe. Those moments of close separateness are so great.
    We had a snow day here today, actually. 🙂
    Kim` recently posted..Running Standing StillMy Profile

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