A flash of a moment in time


And we’ve finally reached that point. And that may be all it is. A point. A brief, flash of a moment in time. And maybe tomorrow or next week I’ll look back to right now and make a wish to get this back. To come back to this point and stay just a little bit longer. Not forever. I know that isn’t possible and it shouldn’t be. Points like right now are all the more joyful because of the pain or struggle that came before.

But to stay a bit longer in this point where things have clicked. Yes, I’d spend a wish on that. To keep feeling the joy and feeling it so strongly. We laugh more, at this point. And our smiles linger long after the last giggle has escaped. We settle in more. We sit amongst them, both of us, anchors in their sea of toys. And they float about and play and we chat as they do and imagine that, we’ve had a small, adult conversation in the presence of our children and it only lasted a minute but it was uninterrupted and look at that. And then they return back to us and we tickle and hug and read and play until they drift away again.

drawing on the floor

We speak with ease and softer tones and it has a calming effect. And of course it does. We know that should happen. We know how to create this mood. But we’re not always at the point to make it so.The conditions just aren’t always right.

But they are now.

And we’re enjoying. Not in that burdened, labored way of heeding the warning to enjoy this time because it passes so quickly. But in a true, simply, just loving this moment kind of way. We find that zone that you hear about but don’t always stop to notice when you experience. Where the feeling of work fades away and time zips by because you’re so completely in the moment.

And I like to think this is it. A new leaf. We’ve broken through the imaginary barrier where on one side there is the hardship of adjusting to the two-children life and the wildly different needs and the logistical struggles of a baby and a toddler and the just plain hard of managing it all. And on the other side is the ease and joy of a four-person family life with four people who give and take, need and provide, and live together in a harmony that also encourages growth and love and adventure. I like to think we’ve crossed over from the period of surviving to the era of thriving. This is it and there’s no turning back.

But it might just be a phase. A flash of a moment in time. It might, no in fact it will, get hard again. A different hard but hard nonetheless.

And that’s ok. Even if this is nothing but a flash, it is a gift. And I’ll unwrap it every day that I can.


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  1. This was really beautiful. I have had this same thought at various times throughout parenting. And the first time was right around that time of learning to juggle two littles. We definitely need to just enjoy and slow down during the good times. Record it in your memory to be replayed again and again in the future! I wish we could stay in these beautiful places. I think it should be our hope that we will adjust to the new seasons in this way. Blessings!
    Amy Jung recently posted..Beyond the Nativity 4 Week Devotional, Day 1: Becoming FleshMy Profile

    • Oh I wish we could stay in them too. But replaying them over and over and over, I do it all the time, even now. And yes, the hope of new adjustments does keep us going, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

  2. “And on the other side is the ease and joy of a four-person family life with four people who give and take, need and provide, and live together in a harmony that also encourages growth and love and adventure.” I love this and I can say, it is always a gift that we remind our children of over and over again. When it is easier for them to take their troubles out on their brothers and sisters, we have to stress that we should be each other’s biggest fans! Your writing is beautiful!

    • Thank you! And yes, very much trying to cultivate that here – that we should all be each other’s biggest fans. So far, it’s working out nicely πŸ™‚

  3. Points like right now are all the more joyful because of the pain or struggle that came before.- I so love this line.
    The hard parts do make the sweet parts that much more sweet.
    (and you write quite lovely, by the way.)
    Lori Harris recently posted..Reining in the Bling {Tuesdays Unwrapped}My Profile

  4. I think it will get hard again, but there will be other flashes. Always, in fact. That helps me to think about. It will get hard and easy and hard and easy, and always interesting!
    Tamara recently posted..That Time I’m Certain My Life Was In Danger..My Profile

  5. I think this is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read… mostly because of how gorgeous every word painted the piece, but also because I have been in that moment. And you described it so eloquently, that it literally took my breath away!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Tricia! (ps: Are we not friends on FB yet? Good grief! Find me!! πŸ™‚
    Chris Carter recently posted..Devotional Diary: BreatheMy Profile

  6. Beautifully written, beautifully expressed, and beautifully true.
    Little Miss Wordy recently posted..The Apology: The Presence Of Its AbsenceMy Profile

  7. So beautifully written … I love this. As a mom of six (grown) kids, and now, grama to ten sweet grandkids … there are so many moments to hold close. Always seeking to live in the moment, instead of being caught up in the to-do’s and responsibilities. (Visiting from Tuesdays Unwrapped)
    Cherry recently posted..Entering Into AdventMy Profile

  8. At some point, they get older, louder, bigger, messier. Did I mention louder? But there are those moments, and they come when you might not expect it, but they’re still as precious as when the kids are small and coloring in the lines demands all your attention.

    It’s a hectic and beautiful ride. But I’m way over here, and I can assure you those moments still happen.

    Even when you add a third.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..Guest Post: Raine of Pursuit of Peace Talks About a Man’s Influence on Her ChildMy Profile

  9. Oh, those moments where there is perfect harmony. Like tonight, my girls playing Barbies and my son a video game and my taking a few stolen moments to catch up on blog? I hope your moment lasts more than a moment – enjoy!
    Ilene recently posted..The BridgeMy Profile

  10. On occasions the stars align and all is right with the world, it may just be a moment, or a new direction. Lovely post. I so savor those moments.
    Michelle recently posted..We’re Headed to Manhattan!My Profile

  11. Ditto everything you wrote here, because you’re far more eloquent than I could ever be.
    Alison recently posted..Do More Of What Makes You HappyMy Profile

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