To dream


The world seems to be telling me to dream this week. Dream and dream big.

And I’m cool with that.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Megan Francis’ Beyond Baby course. If you haven’t already signed up, go do that now. I’m nowhere near the ‘beyond baby’ phase of my life, and that phase for me will look quite different from the typical, but Megan offers amazing exercises that are useful to just about any mom whose life is or has been consumed by small children. Because one day, we’ll all get some of our precious time back. When it happens for me, I want to be ready to focus on the important things.

In this week of the course, Megan urges us to create a To Dream list along side, though separate from, our To Do list. List out all of the things and ideas and big dreams that I’ve been allowing to swarm around inside my head for months, sometimes years? Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

Then, I open my Bloglovin this morning and read this headline from Simple Mom “Don’t forget to dream big.

Don’t forget. Dream big.

I read that and, at first, thought to myself, “Forget to dream? Never!” I’m a dreamer. It’s what I do. My brain is constantly churning with things I want to do, plans I want to make, creations that I want to bring to life, ideas that feel big and look amazing inside my head.

But, these days, that’s about as far as I get. A few minutes on my drive to work or when I’m sipping my coffee in the morning. And after that, it’s onto the next thing. Drop offs and pickups and school events and deadlines for work and birthday parties (we are in a birthday party deluge right now – seems like I’m not the only one who made Fall baby-having season).

And so I’ve started to wonder. When does a dream actually become a dream? When does it grow from ‘crazy idea that just flitted through my head’ to ‘big idea that I want to make reality?’

I don’t know. But I have a feeling that Megan and Tsh are on the right track to figuring it out, both of them living out their own dreams everyday.

So, this week, I’m going to create my own To Dream list. I will actually commit to paper my dream to someday write a book. To travel around the world with my family. To start a business. And I might even encourage my girl and my husband to each create one too. The family that dreams together must do big things together, right?

What is on your To Dream list?


  1. There is so much on my dream list – and although I want to get to them all, I know the best I can do and the best thing to do is to face them one at a time. For me, on the forefront is starting a business. In the process right now – actively chasing and doing the footwork – which feels great (and oh so scary!)

    I have no doubt that you can manifest every dream you have, my dear friend, and I can’t wait to hear all about them.
    Ilene recently posted..Good StuffMy Profile

  2. I do wonder about that. I used to think of writing and photography as things I loved, but it never got very far otherwise. I just thought they were beyond me, if you know what I mean. That I wasn’t good enough, basically. Then one day (or over a series of one days) I decided that answer wasn’t good enough. That it was just what I thought and not necessarily how the world would receive me.
    Tamara recently posted..The Words Crawl In.My Profile

    • I so love that you made the leap to realize that the world might not agree with you – we are all so much better for it. Such a hard leap but always, I think, so worth it.

  3. I love this. I think I need to focus on some dreams. Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day and think of things I would like to do or experience, but I don’t make a plan to achieve them. Thank you for the inspiration to take some action. 🙂
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Never Did I EverMy Profile

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