The mish mash


It’s birthday season here.

It’s Fall. The season that I resisted loving for so long. But then, it brought me my babies. So now? Love.

It also brings me pumpkin spiced lattes and boots. And candles. And the pumpkin patch. And leaves in deep reds and bright oranges that beg to be picked up and saved. For what, I’m not sure yet. Fall brings craft ideas that sometimes just happen.

Fall is a season I want to dive right into. With pumpkins in every corner of the house and those adorable yet, I’ll admit, silly, straw scarecrows that line the aisles of Target and Michaels. I’ve resisted them for years. But I almost broke down and adopted one this morning.

And yet, Fall is birthday season. So I take it slow. A little autumn here…

autumn stuff

A little Fairy Princess birthday party preparation there.

stack of tutus

And there.

tissue paper pom poms

Oh and there.

the makings of fairy dust

the makings of fairy dust

And then a little more autumn here.

fall flowers

On Saturday the two will mix completely and hopefully not look completely schizophrenic. Pinks and purples and glitter and pumpkins and candles. And flowers and hay. And fairy dust and tutus. And maybe a scarecrow.

In my childless past, this mish mash of themes and palettes would have driven me crazy. A time for everything and everything in its place. That’s how it should be, no? No mixing one with the other. It’s either spring with its pastels and lilacs or it’s Fall with its golden hues and harvest straw.

But this year? We might just put a tutu on a pumpkin.

Motherhood has taught me to be ok with the mish mash. Motherhood with two – well that has taught me that somedays, most days, there is no other way. Playing school with my girl while building blocks with the baby and making dinner all at the same time. Answering emails while planning my girl’s piano lessons while giggling with her over the alphabet sounds on Endless Alphabet. Loving the preschool world of crafts and games and stories and acrobatics while totally living up the baby-almost-toddler phase of crawling and babbling and almost toddling.

Life mishes and mashes together. Can’t make it stop.

And somedays, I do want it to stop. Somedays it makes me feel kinda nauseous.

But, on the other hand, life is short. The problem with a time for everything is that sometimes there isn’t enough time. Sometimes, as we plod along the methodical, single track, we miss things.

And I don’t want to miss things.

Happy Monday, all. What are you mish mashing this week?


  1. The mish mash would have driven me crazy too in my pre-child days but I do believe that they are somewhat magical and the things that we create out of those mish mashes are pretty amazing. But yes, sometimes it does make me nauseous I love fall and everything that it brings.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Looking forwardMy Profile

  2. Summer is our birthday season, and we mish-mashed Alice in Wonderland and Doctor Who! worked.
    Today I’m mish-mashing my old pre-kids jeans with my new post-kids jeans and trying to figure out what can actually be public. It’s not pretty.
    Tamara recently posted..Wonderland.My Profile

  3. Ever since I’ve moved, I’ve lived in the mish mash. Trying to adjust and trying to help my kids adjust – and be a runner and a blogger and a beach goer and volunteer and start a business. It’s one big lovely blur. I love how you describe this. It’s like a watercolor – all blended together.

    I can’t wait to see a photo of a tutu on a pumpkin! xo
    Ilene recently posted..Modern FamilyMy Profile

  4. I love your description of the mish mash at your house – we are often in the same state around here. I find the changing of seasons brings that to the surface here, especially summer to fall. We are dressing warmly in the morning and then changing into shorts and flip flops in the afternoon when it just gets too hot. So our laundry definitely contains a mish mash of our wardrobes.
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Introducing: In-Flight FoodMy Profile

    • Yes! We have the laundry mishmash too. Sweatshirts in the morning and flip flops in the afternoon. I have to admit I love that mish mash!

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