Out of words


I was listening to a podcast the other day in which a writer mama was talking about how she hadn’t been writing. She said that throughout the day, her children were using up all of her words. So when she sat down to write, there was nothing.

I get that. Oh how I get that.

This summer has been a tough one. Still good, of course. We’re creating memories. Though we never actually put pen to paper to officially make our summer list, we’ve done just about everything I remember rattling off. Chalk and bubbles in the front yard. Trips to the park. Pool and sprinkler in the backyard. Ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. Later this week we’ll head to the beach to cross one of the bigger items off the list. And this is good. Yes, I’ll look back on this summer someday and definitely list it in the ‘great summer’ category.

feet in the pool

But, it’s been rough too.

Another mama I know recently remarked about how much easier this summer has been with her four year old and two year old than last summer was when her girls were just one and three. And that made me feel better. It gave me hope. Easier days are ahead.

In the meantime, I’m simplifying. I’m prioritizing. Pretty harshly too. I can’t do it all and be it all at the same time. So I’m letting go of some things. I’m letting go of full, multi-step meals that require me to be in the kitchen for any longer than a few minutes at a time. And, instead, I’m holding onto evenings with my two. Two in my lap. Two swinging side-by-side. Two stretched out across blanket a blanket on the front yard watching bubbles float towards the clouds.

baby feet on swing

I’m letting go of perfectly braided hair with matching bows in favor of more time coloring or playing in the morning.

I’m letting go of writing all the time. Spending every evening trying to find the last few words that haven’t been used so I can force them out onto the page. And, instead, I’m reading. Taking words in for a while. Filling back up what’s been emptied.

It’s the season for slowing down. Fall will sweep in before we know it and the world will speed back up again into the fast-paced motion of school and birthdays and holidays. And I’ll go with the speedy flow and be right back where I was before summer began. Cooking and braiding and writing. And more.

So, while I can, I’m slowing down.

How have you slowed down this summer?


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