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A few weeks ago, a friend sent me this.

I won’t summarize it for you. It’s something you just need to go see. Because that second image? It blows my mind. And the third? It makes me want to soar. And the fourth and the fifth, oh how I have been there.

I scrolled and scrolled and when I got to the bottom I wished there were more.

I read the intro and felt that same set of feelings that I always feel when I witness the work of a young genius. Awe. Fascination. A little bit of jealousy.

And, in recent years, curiosity. How did that kid get there? What did his parents do?

What can I do?

I scrolled down to the comments, looking for some expressions of awe and amazement that could help me process what I was seeing and I started to read.

Of course, there were the negative comments. The ones that insisted that the images were not designed by the fourteen year old. There were the comments that credited expensive photo editing software, and the boys’ fortune in getting his hands on such a program. There were comments suggesting that his parents did nothing more than toss some money at the situation.

But before I got to all of those, I read this one: “He can do this quality of work because he’s never been told its impossible for him to do it.”

And in my scrolling, I found this too, “He might even have had encouragement in being told that nothing is impossible for him.”

I’m not aiming to raise a pair of geniuses. I don’t intend to care a lick about how many languages my two will speak and by when. I don’t plan to pressure them to play perfect piano pieces or become a prima ballerina or create stunning self portraits by the age of fourteen.

But I firmly believe that this kind of magic, the seeds of this kind of brilliance, live within all of us as a love or a passion or a vision that is as core to who we are as the blood that courses through our veins, and just as important. And I want to do my part, my very important part, to create the conditions for those seeds to grow within the two little people I brought into this world. I want to see their passions flourish.

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I want to tell my children that nothing is impossible. I want to lead by example and show my children that nothing is impossible.

Because, truly, nothing is impossible.


If you need proof that all things are possible, pick up the book closest to you and crack that spine. All things are possible between the pages of a good book.

Tell me in the comments what book convinced you (or convinces you) that all things are possible. One lucky commenter will be randomly selected (using to win a $25 gift card to Barefoot Books!

Winner will be announced on Monday!

(fine print: the giveaway is open only to residents of the US and Canada)


  1. I love the feeling that all of my kids will create and become more than I could ever dream of. I know that I’ve become more than I could have imagined, because of them.

    The book that taught me anything is possible? The Sun Also Rises. I first read it when I was just out of high school, and everything seemed like it was out there for me to discover.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..5 For Friday: Go Ask Daddy About DaVinci Paintings, Salmonella Spritzers and Fishy Sensory IssuesMy Profile

    • You are always so wise. Yes, my kids already create things I could barely dream of – starting with the amazing things they’ve done to me.

      I’ve never read The Sun Also Rises but will head off in search of it now!

  2. Those were amazing images! I want my boys to see the possibility in the world and know that they can dream big.
    The first book that comes to mind is probably that first story about possibility that I ever heard: The Little Engine That Could.
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..FasterMy Profile

  3. I always tell my kids to dream big!
    Tess recently posted..Tuesday ThingsMy Profile

  4. Oh how I love this message… Thank you for reminding me that NOTHING is impossible- not only with my children, but with me. Your writing and heart always inspire me Tricia. SO blessed to find you! 🙂
    Chris Carter recently posted..Collective Blog Hop!My Profile

  5. I love this message and find myself in a similar place. How do I create that safe, nurturing space for my kids to discover their potential and passions. I see that being one of the greatest gifts I can offer them. 🙂
    Kerry recently posted..What I Learned About My Daughter in Potty-training LockdownMy Profile

  6. {Melinda} Those are incredible images. I totally understand the message you’re trying to convey. I don’t know that I tell my kids “nothing is impossible,” but I try to foster and encourage and give them tools to pursue those areas where they truly enjoy and soar. I want them to know that if they work hard, and with God’s help, they can do things they never thought possible. Dreams are beautiful things that should be tended well. 🙂
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..50 ways to beat summer boredomMy Profile

    • Love that – dreams are beautiful things that should be tended well. It’s the tending that sometimes gets lost, isn’t it?

  7. I saw that article – blew my mind. My mom is an art teacher and she thinks that everyone has within them the ability to be an artist – then there are all sorts of intersections of interest and money and confidence, etc. For a long time I thought I was one of the rare people with no gifts, but no, I believe we all have them. It took me awhile to realize how much photography and writing are my impossible (possible?) dreams. Now to make money off of them!

    I love what Eli said – about becoming more than he’s imagined because of his kids. I feel that way. Parenting is one of my gifts, the way it is with most of us. dreaming of the impossible book! “A Wrinkle in Time.”
    Tamara recently posted..Upside Down.My Profile

    • I love that – everyone has the ability within them to be an artist. I definitely agree. Though it’s taken me a while too to get to the point where I believe it of myself. Funny how it’s the making money part that always brings in the doubt.

      Yes, A Wrinkle in Time! It’s now been decades since I’ve read that!

  8. I want my kids to feel like nothing is impossible too. Very much so. I hope I can always be supportive of their dreams and that they can believe in their hearts that their dreams can be theirs. I can’t begin to begin to list the books that have inspired me that all things are possible. There are many. Harry Potter is at the top of the list. It made me believe in magic again in many ways.
    Ilene recently posted..The WallMy Profile

    • Oh I love Harry Potter. And I know what you mean – the story itself plus the amazing author and her story combined just scream that anything is possible.

  9. Shame on the naysayers. There is no doubt in my mind that my children will achieve things I never would have thought possible. In some ways they each already have. I love Oh, The Places You Will Go and The Little Engine that Could!
    Michelle recently posted..Buffalo Chicken Dip with Texas Pete’s Buffalo Wing SauceMy Profile

  10. Ok…those images are beautiful and I am amazed that a 14 year old did them! Who cares about the resources that were available to him, it definitely takes a creative mind to come up with the concepts. I’m not an avid reader in my adult life (I wish I was), but like Michelle mentioned in the comment above me, the first book that came to mind was “The Little Engine That Could”, it always makes me (and my kids) feel that anything is possible! Stopping in from SITS!
    Britton recently posted..Oh YouTube…I’ve Abandoned YouMy Profile

    • Exactly! Genius like that has to be respected and given a good deal of awe regardless. The Little Engine is a great one!

  11. In all honesty, the Bible is probably the book that mists makes me feel as if nothing is impossible! I never cease to walk away feeling encouraged… And the Jesus Storybook Bible for my kids is incredible. I often find myself weeping after reading to my children from it!


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