Hopscotch and bubbles and chalk



“We’re going to rush home and I’m going to change real fast and then we’ll go outside for bubbles and chalk.”

“Yay! I’ll change too!”

“No! You don’t need to change! We have to be super fast so we have time to play outside!”

Three-year-olds don’t do things fast. But this time we had to rush all so that we could dilly dally and go slow and enjoy the moment.

Because although the summer stretches long ahead of us, and we have time, perfect summer days like yesterday don’t come around all the time. And between work and late meetings and school finishing up and babies who still need to nurse and all the rest of our busy life, it is all too easy to let those days pass us by without capturing even just a moment of sunny, blue skies, and perfectly warm air with cool breezes. It is all too easy.

So we gathered up our things and made our way to the sidewalk. I drew some hopscotch and, after watching the first six numbers, she colored in the 7. And she proudly told every neighbor who came to visit and enjoy the beautiful summer night with us. “Mommy did the orange numbers and I colored in the 7!”

And neighbors did stop by for a quick hello on their way home from work or their way onto evening plans. And little girls hopped and blew bubbles and adults talked of the weather and the perfect day and how we wished we could enjoy more of it.

And it all happened in about twenty minutes.

And dinner was late. And bedtime was later.

But I didn’t bother my schedule-loving mind with all of that.

Because it is all too easy to let those days pass by without so much as a nod.

And I just can’t let that happen.


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  1. Absolutely! You have to take advantage of days like those. You never know when they’ll come around again! Funny, I recently moved and where we live now the kids are so into hopscotch. My Little’s even learned how to play. I watch them out the window and it makes my hear pitter patter. The innocence is so lovely! Have an AWESOME summer!
    Mariann recently posted..Bravo to General MillsMy Profile

  2. The days slip by quickly so it’s awesome to enjoy the perfect moments like this:)
    Leah Davidson recently posted..My Big BoysMy Profile

  3. I am working on trying to let the “stress” about the schedule go a bit myself over here. Especially during this season. 🙂

    Lovely photo.

  4. Scarlet doesn’t do anything fast! And I get so annoyed but at this point, there are only three days left of school and then we’re not going anywhere fast anymore, because we don’t really need to! Sometimes I spend my day drinking up my kids. I mean I literally spend hours consciously doing what everyone says to do – shutting off the smartphone, engaging in play for hours..and still I go to bed wondering if I had hugged them enough that day! Ah, these precious, precious days.
    Tamara recently posted..Girls of Summer.My Profile

  5. This year I promised myself that I wouldn’t focus on the schedules and “rules” so much, and instead, focus on letting us live life. And enjoying it. We have been much happier because of it!
    Kimberly recently posted..Live LifeMy Profile

  6. As someone who often feels compelled to stick to the plan, I am so glad you took a moment to get in the chalk and bubbles. It’s the stuff that doesn’t fit into the schedule that’s always cherished most.
    Ilene recently posted..Late One NightMy Profile

  7. I sometimes get caught up in the routine and wanting to stick to the schedule. But you are so right – some days, like those summery ones, are just made for a bit of extraordinary.
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Close Enough to TouchMy Profile

  8. Living in the moment – that’s where the beauty and joy lies. Glad you made time!
    Alison recently posted..Time, I’m SorryMy Profile

  9. Oh, that sounds like the perfect 20 minutes. But you’re right….20 minutes will absolutely go by wasted without some serious commitment to not letting it happen!
    Greta recently posted..Behind The Scenes #iPPPMy Profile

  10. Absolutely perfect. I love this. Those moments are irreplaceable.
    Ashley Austrew recently posted..I am THAT mom.My Profile

  11. well, you know I love this. twenty minutes makes all the difference 🙂
    sarah @sundayspill recently posted..I wanted to add the word latelyMy Profile

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