Balloons = Party


“Next week is Memorial Day.”

“Amorial Day?! Can we go!?!”

“Go? Oh. Well, we weren’t invited to a party or anything.”

“But I wanna go!”

“Well… we can have a party. Me and you and Daddy and baby brother…”

“Yay! We need balloons!”

baby on tummy and balloons

Because, as everyone knows, balloons = party.


To say that it’s been intense here lately would be an understatement.

And I always feel odd saying things like that. We haven’t experienced anything tragic or truly awful. We are all healthy and happy and together and that’s so awesome. But when you’re in it with the kids and the life with the bottles and lunches and yard work and cleaning and then work stress and illness and business travel piles on top, you can find yourself in this place where not even the perspective of, “we have it so good” or “yes, we are indeed blessed” can get you all the way out.

What can, is a good, old-fashioned, three-day weekend staycation.

With a party.

So for the past three days, I’ve stayed up a bit later and slept in a bit longer. We’ve had our mornings, all four of us piled into our bed, slowly making our way into the day.

I surprised M with a date night at the movies. And the movie theater surprised us with recliners. Seriously, recliners in movies – when did this happen? And if I managed to fall asleep at the movies before, what chances do I have now?

And yes, we had our party.

Yesterday, we made it a pool party. The air was cool, and so was the water, but the sun was warm and our little fish couldn’t wait to splash around.

pool party

Our other little fish wasn’t thrilled with his first time in a swim suit and sat this one out.

brother and sister in the pool

Summer’s just begun. He’ll be in that pool and crying when we take him out before the summer is over.

We walked to the park and then drove to the other park and we spent more time outside than we have in months.

And I didn’t write and I didn’t work. And I didn’t tweet or even think much about anything other than what to do next.

And it was good.

Bring on the summer.

baby feet on a swing

Happy Memorial Day. I hope you’re ringing in the summer with fun and sun.

Gotta get back to the party.


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