Growing Together Encore: Bringing Up Baby


My Growing Together series is coming up on a year soon. One year of sharing stories of growth and change. One year spent seeing this idea of growth through parenthood take flight in the words and images of friends and people I respect.

As we approach the one year mark, and as I finally get the series back into full swing, I’m going back to re-read and re-post some of the guests that got me started. There is so much wisdom and beauty and love in this series. So many stories that deserve to be read and re-read and re-read again.

My first encore is from my dear friend (and, as we’ve decided, kindred spirit) Michelle. Michelle’s post was my first Growing Together post and I remember the night I read her words for the first time. Tears and chills. And now, nearly a year later, I often think of her story. The part that sticks in my brain the most? It’s this:

“Your child is born with a personality and charms and quirks. He may be so like you in some ways, and so not in others, and knowing how to nurture what’s positive and correct what truly needs correcting—and not just what goes against your grain—might not come naturally. Sometimes the situation and its answer are black and white, and sometimes your next steps aren’t as clear without a little self-reflection.”

Correct what needs correcting and not just what goes against your grain. That captured something so clearly for me and I love that I now weave thoughts of my grain into my parenting.

Join me and read Michelle’s words. They will inspire, I promise.


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