“I’m a Mommy Too” (Happy Mother’s Day)


“Mommy, can we buy that heart balloon?”

She asked as we made our way from the frozen pizzas to the short but growing line of customers waiting to leave with their bags of groceries. I glanced up at the balloons.


“Please, Mommy. Can we buy it?”

“Nope. That balloon says “Happy Mother’s Day.” Maybe you should ask Daddy to bring you back here and you can buy it for me.“

“We should buy it for us!”

“Well, you and Daddy could buy it for me.”

Her eyes grew wide, as they do when she is about to tell you something very important.

“Well, I’m a Mommy too. So we should buy it for us!”

baby doll in baby carrier

She nurtures and loves and cares for three babydolls, a gaggle of stuffed animals, a fish, two cats, and a very lucky baby brother. Yes, I see her point. At not quite four years old, she gets it. Motherhood is love and cuddling. It’s playing and caring. It’s feeding. It’s picking up dropped toys. Responding to cries and wails and needs. It’s willingly putting another before you and loving every second of it. She gets how special it is. She gets that it is a thing to be treasured. It warms my heart that she’s figuring it all out this early.

But we still didn’t buy the balloon.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. The love you share makes such a difference and you deserve to be celebrated this weekend.


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