Revolutionizing a night out (Review of Sittercity’s Sitterati app)

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We live three hours from our closest family.

We’ve made friends here but were among the first of our friends to start down the path of the family way.

We didn’t live near college kids looking for extra money or siblings looking for extra time with nieces or nephews.

Our village was small. We needed babysitters.

We searched and interviewed and found ones we love. But even then, an invitation to go out with friends was followed by something like this:

Ask babysitter #1 if she is free next Saturday. Hope that she is because we really meant to ask her three days ago and now next Saturday is fast approaching.

She’s not free.

Email babysitter #2. Hope she is free because it’s been a while since she’s been here and now ‘next Saturday’ is really ‘this Saturday.’

She’s not free.

Email babysitter #3 because, well, you have to try, right?

She’s not free. Of course. I generally had Saturday plans by Thursday too, when I was child-free.

Email friends. Nope, we can’t meet you on Saturday night. Have a great time and maybe next time!

Make a mental note that the chain of babysitter contact is long and to start earlier next time.


When we first set out to search for babysitters, Sittercity solved our need. So I am not surprised that they’ve done it again.

Sitterati is a recently launched iPhone app that does away with the chain of hopeful emails to busy sitters.

With Sitterati, an invitation to go out with friends now looks something like this:

Launch Sitterati app on my phone (probably while waiting in line at Starbucks) and create my job for next Saturday, adding in all the pertinent date and time details.

Send the job to all of my sitters (who I have previously texted to invite, through the Sitterati app) at the same time.

Get confirmation when one of them accepts the job. Feel like a giddy school-girl and begin planning what I’m going to wear.

Have a great night out, reconnect with friends, enjoy that 10pm has rolled around and not found me curled up on the couch, in pajamas, half asleep.

Head home and, instead of stressing over how much cash we have and making a last-minute pit stop at an ATM, talk about the fun we had and enjoy our night out glow. Because we’ll pay our sitter through the app with the credit card info we securely provided.

Make plans for our next date night because now it’s oh so easy to do.

Download the new Sitterati app and give it a spin. Because it’s new, the Sitterati team is looking for feedback so you’ll get to enjoy it’s awesomeness while helping shape future features.

Oh and enjoy that night out!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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