Limits and change


One of my favorite things about spring with small children is that first day back at the park. We bound in, shedding coats and hats in the warmth of the sun, welcoming the cool breeze on our shoulders. We get reacquainted with the feel of the swing and the slope of the slide. And, in a way that is much more fun than marking lines on a growth chart, I measure how much she has grown by the things she can do now that she couldn’t the last time we were here. To me, nothing so clearly demonstrates how quickly she grows and how fast time is moving like those first spring days at the park.

slide in the sun

But still, each year, there are things she cannot do. Things she isn’t ready for and things she doesn’t want to try. Limits she respects.

This year, as I watched her roam the park on that first beautiful day, I let her teach me about the importance of respecting one’s limits. And I’m at Just.Be.Enough today, talking about it. I hope you’ll join me there.


For four months now, I’ve asked you to join me at Just.Be.Enough where I have been thrilled to explore what it means to be enough and, hopefully, encouraged you to do the same. The experience has been wonderful. I’ve met amazing people, made lovely new friends, and stretched into new ways of writing.

And I look forward to continuing all of that as Just.Be.Enough goes through some changes this Spring. Starting in May, Just.Be.Enough will become a weekly series on Elena Sonnino’s blog, LiveDoGrow. Me and my words will be there and I’m so excited to continue this journey with Elena and all of the ladies who have become a part of my world this year.


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