Rain has been falling steadily since before I woke. And I love Friday mornings like this. Cool and cloudy. A grey morning with promises of afternoon sun fits perfectly into my Friday kind of mood. Quiet and calm and reflection leading into sunny and fun and weekend beginning.

This week I need quiet and calm and I need sunny and weekend beginning. I need reflection and then I need to move on. And up.


This week had lots of strange moments. Lots of out of the ordinary and lots of break in routine and lots that I need to write about and will because I have lots of plans now.

This week did not have lots of photos but it did have a few because somehow my photo-365 project is going strong.


Lots of flowers.


And lots of caffeine. (a little indulgence due to a small nursing vacation)

starbucks chai

And these two furballs.

love the looks on their faces

love the looks on their faces


Lots of growing this week.

Baby boy continued rolling. And rolling and rolling and rolling. It’s his new favorite move. He does it when he’s awake and he does it when he’s asleep and oh boy nothing is so simultaneously terrifying and thrilling than watching a baby sleep on his tummy.

Big sister is all about growth this week. With every bite of whatever she happens to be eating, she swears she’s grown another inch. This week she can reach light switches that she couldn’t last week so, you know, maybe she’s right.


This week had lots of me being ready to jump into things. And, with that, I make plans to bring back my guest series, Growing Together. Got a story about growing alongside your little one? Catch me at tricia [@] raising-humans.com. I’d love to meet you and hear your story.


Finally, I was one of the hundreds (it seemed) to rush to BlogHer when the Voice of the Year submissions opened. My voice, ever a work in progress, went through some growth of its own this year and I’m liking more and more where it’s headed. So I tossed in two of my favorites. I don’t know if it’s cool to ask for votes but I also don’t know else you’d know my words are in there (because the list is gloriously long and growing).

Anyway, taking inspiration from this post by Fadra last week, if these two posts that I’ve submitted struck a chord for you or spoke to you in some way, I’d love if you’d click in a vote. Here they are:

I worked from home today

These Days. One More


And with that I will sink into my Friday now and wait for the sunny afternoon. Hope your weekend is filled with lots of what you love.


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