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I’m looking for a little something new this week. New buds growing on the trees. New words to inspire me. New friends. New projects. New routines to make better the old ways of doing things.

A new way to round out the week that was and pay a bit of homage to the things that made me feel oh so blessed. Call it my old weekly gratitude with a twist. (Or call it a random list of random things all tossed into one grab bag of a post – you be the judge).

Last day of spring break trip to see the cherry blossoms. Or cherry buds as the case was.

cherry blossoms 3

Seek and you shall find. A few brave blooms. I hope they weathered the cold, windy week and made it to see the springtime sun this morning.

cherry blossoms 4 If you can’t find ’em, draw ’em.cherryblossommural


I found time to get back to writing this week. I made my way back here and I let the words pour out of my heart and wrote what I now consider one of my favorites of my own work. And you all responded so kindly. That I struck a chord for so many warms my heart and reminds me why I do what I do here. I needed that.


I found time to get back to reading this week. And I was inspired. And I wish I had made a note of all the lovely words I read to share them here. And I’m thinking, maybe next week, I’ll start to do just that.


This week baby boy rolled and discovered that sleeping on his side is so much comfier (and I began to pray that this revelation means we’ll all get some sleep!). This week, my girl came home from school with a stack of papers, proudly demonstrating with each that she can write her name ‘all by herself.’ That she consistently draws one letter upside down feels more trademark than mistake to me.

Are you looking for a little something new this week, too? My Stella and Dot trunk show is still open! They have some beautiful pieces for spring. They also just launched their Autism Awareness Collection. 20% of the sales from this collection will support the HollyRod Foundation. New bling and a very important cause.


A little photo-365 to leave you with on this sunny Friday morning. Catching up from weeks of just not making it here.



Have a lovely weekend. Get outside and welcome the spring. Maybe this time we can convince it to stick around for a bit.

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