Early spring


This weekend, we finally got outside again. Those promises of 60 degrees? They were kept.

We woke up on Saturday morning and opened every set of blinds as far as it would go. Sun streamed through our windows and it just felt like spring up in here.


Along with every other family in the county, we headed to the park late in the afternoon, when the sun had warmed the air to lovely early-Spring levels. As we wandered around, I heard this more than once, “It’s almost time to go, kids. We’ve been here for 3 hours!” And, of course, I saw those same parents and kids a full twenty minutes later as we rounded the park again. Because nobody wants to call the end of the first spring-like day.

For Fall babies, the winter is long. Cozy and full of heaps of cuddles. But very long and lonely. I’ve spent my children’s newborn days curling up inside and yearning for the day when I can expose their soft, baby skin to the warmth of the sun and the softness of a cool breeze. When we could take walks for fun and not just for transportation.

But those first days spring? For a Fall baby, it’s like a re-awakening. Yes, baby, there is a whole big world out there beyond the walls you’ve stared at your whole life. And it is beautiful.

Baby boy took his first swing this weekend, with big sister showing him the ropes.

kids on swings


We’re gearing up for a couple seasons of swinging. And I’m on the hunt for parks that conveniently locate the baby swings next to the big-girl swings. Yes, I’ll be spending my spring and summer doing the swing-to-swing dance, bouncing from one to the other and hoping I don’t mix up who gets which kind of push.

girl on swing2

In a matter of weeks these shots will look vastly different. These dark, thin branches will be full with leaves and flowers. I’m aching to see leaves and flowers.

sun and trees

Bring it, spring. We are so very ready.


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