Weekly Gratitude #63 – light


This week, we made a very important discovery.

tutu in the sunlight

The morning light in our dining room is radiant.

baby boy

So, naturally, we moved breakfast in there every morning that the sun was shining.

waffle face

And we brought our cameras too.

girl and camera

And this is now my new favorite way to start the day.

baby and mommy feet


This week, I am thankful for…

… light.

… a night of good sleep (sometimes just one can make a difference).

… good conversation.

… making plans.

… yellow shirts that make me think of spring.

… seeing signs of spring-is-coming begin to pop up.

… playdate invitations.

… small successes.

… best friends and the comfort they provide.

… finding people who relate.

In lieu of this week’s photo-365, one final in photo in the sun.

girl walking in sunlight

Happy weekend, all. Go ring in March with some celebration.

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