I worked from home today


I worked from home today.

Because I worked from home, I did not spend upwards of two hours commuting.

Because I did not spend upwards of two hours commuting, I spent upwards of two hours catching up on email.

Because I caught up on email, I moved my projects forward.

Because I moved my projects forward, I had time to think ahead. And be strategic.

Because I had time to think ahead and be strategic, I was able to prepare for my meetings tomorrow.

Because I was able to prepare, I will be able to collaborate with my co-workers.

I worked from home today.

Because I worked from home, I was able to visit my son at lunchtime.

Because I was able to visit my son, I am a happier mama.

Because I am a happier mama, my family is happy too.

(Because that old adage is true).

Because my family is happy too, I am raising two well-adjusted, happy little children.

Because I am raising these lovely little people to be so happy, I feel good about my life.

Because I feel good about my life, I feel good about my work.

Because I feel good about my work, I do good work.

Because I do good work, my company is flexible with me and my time.

Because my company is flexible, I worked from home today.


The life of a working mom is hard. It takes a toll – emotionally, physically, mentally. The day I walked back into the office, after giving birth to my daughter, I felt I had joined a new club. A club of women who know the pain of daily drop-offs. Who commiserate over late-night-lunch-packing and early-morning-bottle-making. A club of women who endlessly strive for balance and stand together in pursuit of flexibility. I realize that CEOs face a wholly different set of pressures than I do in my job. But that any working mom would deny any other human the flexibility that she knows is so important… I find that to be shocking and sad.


  1. You’re one of the best mamas I “know.” I’m glad that your company is so flexible, but most of all I’m glad that whether you’re at the office or at home, your kids know without a doubt that they’re No. 1 in your eyes, and beyond loved!

    Whether a mom’s at home or at the office on a daily basis, I think that’s the best gift we could give our kids.

    Well done, T. xo
    michelle @ this little light recently posted..Much Ado Monday : When Your 4-Year-Old Fakes You OutMy Profile

  2. This is a wonderful post and definitely rings true with how productive and fulfilled working from home can make you and your family. I wish more people saw it that way. I’ve been through it all – working full time, working part-time, working at home, just staying at home with the kids…it’s tough to find the perfect solution. You should email this post to Marissa Meyer!
    Tamara recently posted..Pizza Dreams.My Profile

  3. Great post! I totally agree and have always felt like the happier employees are, the more productive they are. Also, I had to return to work 9 weeks after giving birth and it was pure torture. I thought it so unfair that I had to turn my child over to someone else’s care. I would have worked my heart out if a company had given me the opportunity to work from home and stay with my little one.
    Trinity recently posted..Best Childhood MemoriesMy Profile

  4. Great Post! Absolutely love it!. I love how revolving the “circle” of life is. It definitely rings true. I’m a work outside the home mom. Finding a balance isn’t always easy, but I thank God for strength. Definitely following 🙂
    Hope recently posted..12-12-12My Profile

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