3 words – month 2


I have a confession to make.

Last week, I began to draft this month’s check in on my 3 words. I was staring at my reflection and drying my hair – a very typical setting for the birth of a blog post – and I began to think about my words.



And… and…

Yeah. I couldn’t think of the third.

Two days passed and I still couldn’t remember. I also hadn’t remembered to open my laptop to look it up. That felt like defeat anyway.

Finally, last night, it came to me as I was nursing my son to sleep.


I now believe that he passed it to me as I passed milk to him, almost as if to say, “Strengthen yourself now, mama. You, me, and my insatiable appetite for milk and cuddles have a loooong night ahead of us.”

Oh sleep deprivation and the things it does to your mind.

2013 continues to be a work in progress. I had sort of expected big wins by now. Big, huge things to point at to exemplify goals reached for and attained. Big, beautiful celebrations of successes and wins.

Instead, I’m learning that there is beauty in the working. Beauty in the small moments. Beauty in the little wins and the energizing attempts.

I strengthened my courage and my belief in myself.

I nurtured myself with reflection and celebration.

I appreciated one of my favorite holidays.

hearts in a window

valentine heart

I’ve also been strengthened, nurtured, appreciated by friends old and new, near and far. And that, well that is a pretty big, beautiful success.

March arrives on Friday. Temperatures will rise and we’ll be in meteorologic spring before I come back to reflect again. And I’ll keep going. Keep strengthening. Keep nurturing. Keep appreciating.


How are you doing with your goals, resolutions, words for the year? Come share your progress with us at Just.Be.Enough. Together, we’ll make 2013 a big, beautiful success.

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