Be kind in the morning



sunrise in the winter

Mornings are hard.

They are hard for everyone.

Pushing our way out of dreams and slumber. Forcing our heads up and off of our pillows. Reintroducing our feet to the floor. The effort required to squeeze into the daylight and stretch our arms alone is usually an uphill climb.

And then, there is the busy. Bodies to clean, clothes to pull on. Mouths to feed with breakfasts and lunches. Schedules to keep.

Yes, yes, we all try to do the night before. But there is still much to be done in the morning.

If we make it out the door on time, that is success. If we make it out without tears or complication, that’s just icing. And if everyone arrives at their place for the day, ready and raring to go without missing a beat, well that there is the cherry.

Mornings are hard.

Each step along the morning path can set the tone for the day.

A misstep? Well, how do you recover?

A conversation that didn’t flow quite right. Words coming out jumbled and not well thought because the cobwebs in our heads have not yet cleared the path for smooth sailing. We get tangled. And the day just feels… off.

You can set the tone for your day. And his too. And hers too. Your children, your husband. Your mother. The driver next to you on the road. The person standing next to you on the train. The teacher at your child’s school. The friend you just happened to bump into.

Mornings are hard. We’re all pushing out of slumber and clearing the cobwebs.

Don’t have hard conversations in the morning. Speak in soft tones. Use sweet words.

Be kind in the morning. We all need some kindness in the morning.


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