Weekly Gratitude #61- habits


We are in the process of trying to break the serious eating-in-the-car habit that our girl has developed. It started innocently enough. A snack on the way to the grocery store. A snack to keep her happy on long car trips. But small children turn small things into routines to keep their world predictable. And soon she required a snack each and every time we buckled her in – even if our destination was dinner.

Breaking a routine or a habit is hard. Kids struggle just like adults do. Giving up anything cold-turkey is a shock to the system. So I’ve tried to be kind and gentle with her as she deals daily with the shock of a snack-free ride home from school. I’ve tried to think of ways to get her over this hump.

And so, the alphabet-food game was born.

She calls out a letter. Together we list out all of the foods we can think of that begin with that letter. You’d think that talking about food when you are trying to distract yourself from eating would be frustrating. But she loves it. And it helps her with some early literacy stuff. And it introduces her to new foods (when she calls out ‘Q’ all I can think of is quinoa). And, before we both know it, we’re home.

We play it everyday. A fun habit to replace the old one.

Makes me wonder what other new habits should replace some old ones in other areas of my life. I’m thinking some habit-spring-cleaning might be in order as spring is less than 5 weeks away (woohoo!).


This week, I am thankful for…

… birthday wishes.

… a surprise gift that is just what I need.

… neighbors who offer to babysit.

… coffee. and chai.

… birthday cake.

… hearts.

… getting to sit on a Friday and look back at busy, crazy full, good days.

… meeting new people.

… baby smiles and giggles.

… conversations with my girl.


A sample of this week’s photo-365.


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