Weekly gratitiude #60 – Confidence. Listen to Your Mother.


My girl’s teacher described her as confident.

She said it in a regular check in call. She said it easily, naturally. First in a list of other adjectives that I don’t remember now but that were all positive. It slipped out without much thought. “She is confident.” It wasn’t planned or specifically chosen.

After we hung up, I turned to M. “She described her as confident!” I was giddy. I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Of all of the things I want my girl to have in this life, confidence is near the top of the list.

Of all of the things I have felt somewhat ill prepared to give her, confidence is near the top of the list.

This Saturday, I’ll be taking inspiration from my girl. I’ll be summoning confidence both to set an example for her and because of the example she sets for me.

I will stand up and read words I’ve written. I will put myself out there, open my heart to an amazing new experience, and enjoy the feeling of doing something that scares me. Because for all of its negative connotations, that kind of stress is oh so good.


On Saturday, I will audition to be a part of this year’s Listen to Your Mother DC cast. I’ve admired LTYM and when last year’s show came and went, I promised myself that this year, I’d pay attention and be at those auditions. So, a few weeks ago, I emailed them to get on their schedule. I did it first thing in the morning so that I wouldn’t loose my nerve. And I scheduled my audition for first thing in the morning… so that I won’t loose my nerve. I am anxious and nervous and excited to be doing something like this. To read my own words, words so close to my heart, is such a tremendous opportunity. I’m brining my family along with me to calm the nerves (or at least distract them). These words are inspired by them and I have a feeling that if I walk from their embrace into that room, magic will happen.


This week, I am thankful for…

… coffee and wonderful conversation with a new friend.

… new perspectives.

… coffee.

… friendly doctors and help for my baby boy.

… sleep.

… a nice blend of crazy busy days and calmer quieter days.

… extra time with my girl.

… pink cowboy boots.


This week’s photo 365


Happy weekend, all! Stay safe if you are one of the many buried under feet of snow!

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