3 words – month 1


Can you believe that January is drawing to a close?

Neither can I.

One month ago today we were still tripping over wrapping paper, just beginning to tuck away remnants of the holiday. Still eating cookies adorned with red and green sprinkles.

Preparing for a new year. A fresh start.

photo 3

And now, a month of new has already passed.

I wish that I could say that I approached the first days and weeks of this new year with excitement and energy. I wish I could say that I still have my new year glow.

I don’t.

January was wrought with sickness and snow. With the final days of my maternity leave. With emotions too big to contain. Too distracting.

This is not how I like to begin a new year.

But… All is not lost.

My 3 words for the year? Strengthen. Nurture. Appreciate.

They have guided me.

I have kept up with my photo-365 project. 27 photos now make me smile. Strengthening my photography skills. Nurturing a passion. Appreciating the small moments in my day, the seemingly mundane, by capturing small bits of time.

I have snuck away to nurture myself with some alone time. I have appreciated every moment of the long, lazy days of leave with my son. I have done my best to focus on appreciating him rather than dreading the end. I have strengthened my resolve to live the kind of life I want to live. To not let another day pass without relentlessly pursuing my goals.

So no, all is definitely not lost. And February is right around the corner. Another new start. Another month of more chances to strengthen, nurture, and appreciate. Another month to bring me closer to my goals.


Today at Just.Be.Enough, we are checking in with each other and staying accountable to our goals. We are reflecting on month one of our three words. I love that we are doing it. There is nothing like an impending check in to make you focus a bit harder.

If you picked one word or three for 2013, join us in checking in today and link up. Let’s all help one another stay accountable and make dreams come true in 2013.

Also linking up with Michelle at This Little Light today for her Much Ado Monday.


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