Weekly Gratitude #58 – from slog to glitter



It’s been a tough week.

Tough. Doesn’t seem strong enough. Slog. That’s the word stuck in my brain.

For reasons big and small.

All week long, I’ve set my sights on those reasons. The big and the small. Turned them over and over in my hands. Internalized them. They are sharp. Even the small ones. They cut and bruise. My heart feels so raw and my soul battered.

All week, I tried to keep perspective. It gets worse than this. There is worse than this. I am lucky. We are healthy. We have so much. We are blessed.

Some weeks perspective is tough to keep. Some days it is just too far out of reach. Just beyond my fingertips.

This week ends today. The weekend brings new and different. Next week brings a change. A new beginning.

So today, it is time to repair. Heal the cuts and bruises. Go back over this week and find the good things. Big and small. Turn them over and over in my hands. Internalize them. And start again.

This week, I am thankful for…

… friends who come over for an impromptu pizza party when M is out of town.

… a few moments to pretend it is spring.

photo 1

… sleepovers.

photo 2

“Mommy, the snow looks like glitter!”

… a few early morning minutes surrounded by the quiet of snow.

… quiet mornings.

… knitting.

… early Valentine’s Day celebrating.


loving that crooked O

banana bread breakin the mold

banana bread breakin the mold

… sunshine.

… successfully renewing a book at the library.

… TV that lifts and inspires when all I have the energy for is passive watching.

… two happy, healthy, wonderful children.

This week’s photo-365:


Happy weekend, all. Tell me what you are thankful for. Then, go find the new and different this weekend.


linking up a bit this week with high five for friday (I have more than 5 – hope that’s cool!)


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