Christmas #2


Wading through the fog and the darkness that is 5am in January, we piled into the car on Saturday morning. Blankets and loveys came too. All part of our ploy to will the children back to sleep. Because everyone knows that long car rides are more peaceful when little ones sleep.

And sleep they did. All the way to Grandmom and Poppop’s house.

Baby boy was an angel on his first long car trip and big sister did a fabulous job at keeping quiet. We made it all the way there without stopping to feed or diaper change or settle.

That is success.

I love my kids.

And so began the longest, really good day that we’ve had in such a long time.

Second Christmas. The day we marked on our calendars all the way back at Thanksgiving. The day to make up for December 25th. When we were here and grandparents and aunts and uncles were there.

new sleeping bag - one of many favorite gifts

new sleeping bag – one of many favorite gifts

I love second Christmas.

I love that the magic and the anticipation and the excitement lasts a little bit longer. That the holidays aren’t over just because we’ve taken down the tree and put the ornaments away. A little something extra to look forward to makes the inevitable day after Christmas feel a little bit lighter.

Extra time to do holiday shopping and great after-Christmas sales don’t hurt either.

As always when we get together with this crew, there were extra cuddles and extra playtime. New toys, old toys, and fewer naps. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



yes, we’ve already mixed the colors… and I’ve decided to be the kinda mom who doesn’t get all in a tizzy about that

I’ve come to learn, now, that I have my small family. The ones who live in this house, who I see every day. Who I build my life with. And then there is my extended family. Many of whom I see once, maybe twice, each year. The ones I exchange Christmas cards or Facebook likes with but not much else.

And then there is this crew in the middle. Grandparents. A couple aunts and uncles. The ones that hold a special place in my heart. The ones for whom I will get up at 5am to pack two sleepy children into the car to go see. The ones who would do the same for me.

Those are the special ones. The ones I treasure. I am so blessed to have them.


Today, my first post as a contributor at Just.Be.Enough went live! Join me there, won’t you? I’m talking about the working-mom dance. It’s almost time for me to get back on the dance floor…


Happy Monday, all. I hope you spent the weekend with the ones you treasure most.

girl and ball


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