Sweetness and smiles and laughter


My sweet little boy,

Yesterday the woman next to me at Starbucks gazed down at your big brown eyes and asked me, “How old?” This is the question I answer a half dozen times each time we leave the house.

Eleven weeks.” I replied.

She marveled at how awake you were. How observant. How aware for such a young little baby. I smiled and thanked her. Because I knew that behind those wide-open eyes was a sleepy boy. And, sure enough, you were sound asleep before we arrived at preschool to pick up your sister.

baby tummy time

Eleven weeks. Eleven beautiful weeks.

These days you smile. All. The. Time. You smile when you wake. You smile as you fall asleep. You smile when I greet you, sing to you, play with you.

You give your smiles easily and freely. As if life itself makes you so happy that you see no reason not to.

I’m addicted to your smiles.

And then, this morning, you laughed. For the first time, the smile was not enough for you. You needed more to convey your joy. And you laughed. An adorable baby laugh escaping lips stretched into a wide smile that took over your entire sweet, little face.

I wish I could describe to you how I felt in that moment. It is a joy beyond words that I hope, one day, you will feel too.

So, of course, I kept going. I kept repeating the thing that made you laugh. Wiggling your little body across my bed and singing, “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!” until your tiny belly was close enough for tickling. And you kept laughing.

My baby boy, you are happiness. You are joy in human form. You infuse so much sweetness into our lives. You inspire me to smile and find the happy in each day. You inspire me to smile just so I can see it reflected in your brown baby eyes.

Your favorite song is You are my Sunshine. I sing it as I rock you. As I change you into pajamas for the night. And even when you’re so so tired. And even when you were crying just a minute ago, you stare up at me and smile as I sing.

I needed you, my son. I needed you to remind me that the pursuit of a smile is such a worthy pursuit. Barely 3 months old and already you are teaching me so much.

Keep smiling, my son.

Love always,



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